Welcome to Project Aerostar! What this section intends to be is an entirely new way that the main site sections operate, and how the rest of the site integrates into it. Keep in mind that much of this is not actually complete and largely proof of concept to see if it would work in a larger context. As usual, comments are appreciated...

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   Bryan-College Station - This links back to my old blog, "Brazos Buildings & Businesses". As parts of it predate Carbon-izer, there's still a lot to work to be done to further integrate it with this site, and concurrently with Carbon-izer is undergoing changes, including new and improved posts.

   Houston - Retail, hotels, and more!

   Bastrop - Memories of Bastrop, Texas with some recent photos.

   Corpus Christi - Last time I was here was back in 2007. This originally was a supposed to be a full page, but for now it links to the U.S.S. Lexington scan; the only content that would've been here.

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