Some of these were from HAIF members, a newspaper article on Dairy Queen also helped out. There are probably scads of small-town DQs in Texas that aren't listed that were replaced with larger Brazier stores.
Austin2912 Guadalupe St* First Dairy Queen in Texas, has been Burger Tex here since the mid-'90s
* There's an off-chance that Burger Tex moved up half a block and Taco Shack is the real location
Bryan216 W. 19th Street* Address is now 219 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Street
* Now "Taqueria El Nopalito"
3000 Highway 21 EThis is what an early 1980s directory states, but at least as of 1993 the address became 3003. Did the phone book make a mistake or did it jump across the street?
2124 Boonville RoadThe address for this is mentioned but the only thing nearby at that point is an Exxon gas station.
While it's plausible DQ was in the gas station (other restaurants were), the addresses would've been closer.
The most likely candidate seems to be a restaurant known as La Botana at 2210 E William J Bryan Pkwy, Boonville Road's name west of the highway, which was definitely a former Dairy Queen.
Corsicana1930 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (East 7th Avenue)*Moved to 2205 S. Interstate Highway 45 in 2015, demolished for a rebuild of the McDonald's next door.
The solarium of the old store suggests it was something else prior to Dairy Queen, but it was still DQ in the mid-1990s.
Conroe5500 West Davis StreetClosed and demolished between 2006 and 2009.
Dallas4800 Bryan StreetRe-opened as Jade Garden in 1982 (closed 2016)
Galveston2528 Broadway St.Closed in the 2000's, now a seafood restaurant. The building housed a number of other restaurants as well, they all had a short life span. (Urbannizer)
Houston310 CavalcadeLater "Dairy Land", though DL razed and rebuilt circa 2014.
1802 West 18th StreetNow "Hughie's Tavern & Vietnamese Grille". Facade substantially altered but the sign is not. Up until 2012-ish, this was "Queen Burger" which resembled Dairy Queen much closer. The original DQ appears to have closed sometime in the early 2000s.
6031 Airline Dr.Now Pan-American OB/GYN.
8394 Bellaire Blvd.Now Loanstar Title Loans. Facade isn't substantially altered at all.
7215 Bellfort St.later El Compita Tire Shop, now Texans Auto Mart
8430 Boone Rd.Now Serrano's Events
1722 Dairy Ashford RoadClosed in the 1990s. Now George's Pastaria. [West Houston Archives]
10516 Eastex Freeway*There were three buildings at the northwest corner of Saunders and Dodson
demolished in the late '90s/early '00s, DQ looks to be the center one.
2356 Rice*Remodeled into Hungry's Café & Bistro.
*One of the few old Houston Dairy Queens that are still restaurants
6649 Harrisburg Blvd.Facade remodeled, now Diva's Fashion & Shoes
9155 Irvington Blvd.Now Abiding Love Baptist Church. From sundaes to Sundays?
5590 North FreewayNow Frenchy's(?)
470 ParkerRenovated into Parker Food Mart
6516 Westheimer Rd.Strip center location?
14510 Memorial DriveFormerly Del Taco and currently Schlotzsky's. See the Del Taco list for more info.
1702 Yale St.A vacant lot for decades, but there was a DQ here.
5854 Highway 6Later Dairy Country in the 1990s, became Church's Chicken around 1999/2000. Same building.
LockhartMain & Prairie Lea*The original DQ opened in 1956 and closed in 1994.
* In 1997, it was still being used for filming
* The current DQ was built in 1968 and has been renovated a few times, most recently in 2011.
Pasadena6919 Spencer HighwayBuilding's been gone since the 1980s. Now a Jiffy Lube. Google Earth helps.
Rosenberg1318 Ave H.* Appears that prior to the mid-2000s it was an old-style limited menu walk-up (it closed many years ago).
* Now Flamingo Snow Cones, but the sign looks old.
1008 Herndon DriveMore typical Dairy Queen, moved to 1005 Herndon Drive. Now Papa Mex.
Rowlett4808 Lakeview ParkwayLater Pancho & Lefty's Tex-Mex Cafe & Cantina, now vacant
Spring18135 KuykendahlClosed "2001ish", now Trailer Connection [Montrose1100]
26904 I-45now Crow's Nest (liquor store)
Waco1500 S. 18th StreetNow Taquerias Arandas. I remember when this resembled a Dairy Queen much closer in the early 2000s (with the "red lemon" logo still intact) but still a Mexican restaurant. The new owners have made this much less obvious.
1025 West Waco DriveNow "Corner Food Store", awning painted a turquoise color
5804 Bosque Blvd.According to BaylorFans, later torn down for Chili's. Address may be inaccurate.
600 Sun Valley Blvd.Relocated down the street c. 2007, building torn down for Barnett Contracting.
Webster225 El Dorado Blvd.Became Texas Grill & Ice Cream early 2000s (franchisee disconnection?) but in 2015 became a Starbucks.
West701 W. Oak StreetTorn down 2008 for a Sonic.
Valley Mills602 W Avenue CNow "Burger N Wok"