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Continuing south along US-183 (and exiting from Highway 130), we find ourselves in the town of Lockhart. Version 1.0 has everything listed here and is no This section is written from north to south along US-183. This page picks up from Austin Misc. Roads.

Kreuz Market / 619 N. Colorado Street
Kreuz Market has been part of Lockhart for over a century and its current building opened in 1999 looks like a modern, tourist-friendly location, looking more like a Rudy's rather than a "real" barbecue joint. The new location opened with much fanfare, notably with the publicity stunt of physically dragging a bucket of the hot coals of the old location to the new location.

When I first visited it in the late 2000s, it famously bragged that unlike most barbecue joints, it had no sauce and no forks...which was, okay I guess. On the forks issue, sure they didn't have forks when they started way back when but they didn't have proper sanitation either, so it's a bit of a wash. But forks are necessary when eating. You can't do it with plastic knives and spoons (which were provided, no metal utensils). The sauce? You could make, say, a great hamburger or French fries without any condiments, but to say that there's no sauce implies that your food is that good. Spoiler alert: it wasn't.

In the end, Kreuz Market did change its long-standing policy. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. On one hand, it was poorly implemented and quite pretentious, on the other hand, it did give it a bit of uniqueness.

They mention the Bryan location and its decision to have no sauce or forks (before reversing the position), which I have actually previously covered on the site here.

Schlotzsky's / 111 North Colorado Street
This Schlotzsky's opened in 2018 at the site of a former Philips 66 gas station. The signage for the restaurant (branded as "Schlotzsky's Austin Eatery") is very gas stationesque.

Walgreens / 200 S. Colorado St.
The Walgreens occupies a full block and opened around 2007 (completely redeveloped).

H-E-B / 403 South Colorado Street
H-E-B (#445) is the only full-line supermarket in the Lockhart area. The relatively modern store at 45,000 square feet was opened in 1997. Prior to this a much smaller H-E-B faced east on the same lot (about 25k square feet, sharing the building with another tenant). While they were closed, they apparently temporarily occupied the space of Super S Foods at 1220 S. Colorado Street.

Family Dollar / 1118 S. Colorado Street
Family Dollar opened a new store in Lockhart in 2004 (a previous store in Lockhart had closed in 1997). In 2005, the company introduced a more modern logo based on the old 1970s-era one with a little logo of a family and a new color scheme, while retaining the original typeface. The logo here was updated in early 2011.

DQ / 1125 South Colorado Street
I wrote about the Lockhart Dairy Queen over a decade ago...the Lockhart Dairy Queen was built in 1987 (though Lockhart had a Dairy Queen for decades prior) and although the restaurant style wasn't unique in and of itself, it was certainly very different from the rest of the Texas Dairy Queen restaurants with red roofs and fairly limited seating. It also had a playground, which for Dairy Queen was quite rare. The inside of the store wasn't particularly interesting but at least was quirky, with a "Medicare Corner" inside, but sometime between August 2010 and July 2011, it went from this to other words, into a generic DQ model that so many restaurants were being built or remodeled into. No playground, no Medicare Corner.

Whataburger / 100 State Park Road
The origins of this "Oddaburger" are shrouded in mystery, opening in 2005. It's certainly a strange-looking store, with some records indicating it was "Bumpers Drive-In" of Texas, but it's not known if it's related to Bumpers Drive-In in Mississippi. We reached out but they haven't called back.

Lockhart Chisholm Trail Bar-B-Q / 1323 S. Colorado Street
This barbecue restaurant has been here since 1978 and is one of the main barbecue restaurants that calls Lockhart home.

I've had Chisholm Trail about once a year for roughly a decade now; I should know how it tastes (and that's more than I can say about most restaurants). It's probably not the best barbecue I've had but it's better than most.

While Fearless Critics (a restaurant guide I have) savagely ripped apart a number of well-liked restaurants in Houston, Chisholm Trail was not spared either, ranking quite poorly. While it's not entirely a hit piece (the sides are indeed weak), they didn't even mention the homemade bread Chisholm Trail often has available (not sure how "homemade" it is but it at least is different). I know white bread is "classic" for barbecue but the bread they have is good too.

McDonald's / 1330 South Colorado Street
McDonald's has been here since 1993, and sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s a Playplace was haphazardly built onto the side. In 2014, the restaurant was demolished and rebuilt without an indoor playground.

Pho Hong / 1801 S. Colorado Street
This opened as Huddle House (#747), operating from 2011 to 2016. In 2018 it was Kaze Grill House, though this only lasted about six months. Pho Hong is here now but it seems to have closed up by 2022.

Caldwell County Justice Center / 1703 South Colorado Street
This operated as a Walmart discount store (#292) from 1980 to 2012, and it survived long enough to get the modern circa 2009 "Walmart" logo. The renovation to a county government building came a few years later.

Walmart / 1904 South Colorado Street
This store opened in May 2012 to replace the aforementioned smaller Walmart.

At the junction of Magnolia Avenue and Pierce Street, US-183 is carried on by Pierce Street east toward I-10 while Highway 80 (which joins at East Austin Street) continues south. There, it ends at Karnes City southeast of San Antonio.

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