Carbon-izer Presents Bastrop, Texas - Sac-N-Pac

This picture from Google Earth shows the 2011 expansion overlaid on the 2009 convenience store only. Yeah, the Google Earth cursor got stuck on there, sorry.

In the mid-2000s, a gas station was built at the southeast corner of the intersection, a new Shell station anchored by a San Marcos-based Sac-N-Pac convenience store and featured a car wash out front. By this time, Chestnut Square had already been built and opened.

Sac-N-Pac was acquired by Susser Holdings (Stripes) in January 2014, during part of their massive expansion across Texas (they were acquired by Sunoco in mid-2015, which continued this trend). [For more information on how Stripes affected a local chain of convenience stores, check out my entry on Rattlers here.]

Most of the Sac-N-Pac stores became Stripes by late 2015, and some didn't, one part of a small "Shamrock" gas station in New Braunfels that outright closed. This one I was lucky enough to pass by twice--once in August 2015...Sac-N-Pac/Shell! By December, Stripes/Sunoco!

The adjoining KFC wasn't originally there, and the November 2009 aerial shows that the convenience store is still besides itself. I do remember in April 2010 stopping at the store (again, one of those rare times when Bastrop WASN'T a once-a-year affair, this time going to Enchanted Rock) and noticing the KFC was there, and by 2011 everything was definitely open.

Later still did Stripes end up installing a Laredo Taco Company counter, I noticed it when I was driving back through the area again when I took my pictures to inspire this page. I was intrigued briefly because Google Maps said it was a 7-Eleven though it wasn't...seems 7-Eleven is keeping the Stripes branded as Stripes even though they have the internal 7-Eleven numbering system and a number of products. (I should also note that the Slurpee machine was still branded as Stripes' "Slush Monkee").

While other Sac-N-Pac stores in the area did get rebranded, there is one west of town that never was, possibly a franchise agreement. [Return to Bastrop page]

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