Carbon-izer Presents Waco - Franklin Road TitleMax
Franklin Road TitleMax
100 South New Road

Picture by author, June 2019

What a sad sight this is, a title loans shop in an abandoned gas station. The weird thing is, it became that way very slowly. From what I could tell, this started out as a Texaco in 1999 and co-branded with Jack in the Box. After it was converted to Shell around 2003, the store carried on until the Jack in the Box closed in 2010 and was replaced with a TitleMax title loans store (presumably, the entrance between the convenience store and the adjacent space was sealed off). Despite that, in 2015, the Shell became a 7-Eleven during the company's brief expansion point, only to close by late 2018 or early 2019, presumably because of the heavy (7-Eleven owned) Stripes presence in the area (the 7-Eleven on the Circle closed in November 2018 under similar circumstances). However, that theory does not hold water, as I've seen 7-Elevens co-exist just blocks away in places like Austin or San Antonio.

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