Built in 1981 originally and renovated around 2000, the McDonald's in Seabrook (at 2164 Bayport Blvd.) was one of the last "themed" restaurants I remember seeing. It was 2016 when I found it and I knew it was an endangered treasure back then. Unusually, rather than just get demolished and replaced with a building on the lot, the building was sacrificed to TxDOT for construction, and the McDonald's was relocated about a quarter mile north to 2800 Bayport Boulevard, where a former CVS building was (demolished for the highway) but according to a user-submitted Google-hosted picture, there's predictably nothing special about the newer store. It was a Playplace location (not my photo) but the real treat was the 1950s theme inside and out. The other photos are mine from around May 2016.

It would've been cool to see at night, the sign looks to be true neon (clear when off; lights up red).

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