This is a part of the Northwest Freeway page. These pictures were taken in March 2013.

Empty Wendy's sign
My friend attempts to order from a non-existent menu. Another shot of the Wendy's sign carcass.
McDonald's was repainted recently, albeit for nothing.
The address of McDonald's is actually 16002 Northwest Freeway. The classic McDonald's roof has been completely stripped.
Looking inside Wendy's.
Taco Bell's rear.
Flaking paint exposing previous décor. I had wondered if it wasn't a Taco Bell originally, but je of Southern Malls & Retail informed me it was just old stripes, seen here, which is probably what this Taco Bell looked like when it opened all those years ago.
Friend's photo again. Sorry for crudely cutting me out of it.
Aforementioned Brake Check. This was not examined terribly closely.