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  • Closure List of 1994-1995 (First Wave)

    Stores were announced closing in September 1994 and closed in February 1995.
    Store NumberStore BrandAddressCityCurrent TenantNotes
    #7013Kmart2700 Texas Avenue S.College Station, TXVista College, Tractor Supply Co., Goodwill* Eventually renovated into a full strip center ("College Station Shopping Plaza") but many features remain intact.
    * Address eventually renumbered.
    * See this link: College Station Shopping Plaza, for more.
    #7115Kmart2260 MacArthur Dr.Orange, TXBig LotsIt was later renovated and subdivided but those tenants seem to be vacant now.
    #7224Kmart5328 E. LancasterFt. Worth, TXABC Supply Co.
    #7247Kmart2047 Loop 11Wichita Falls, TXAtwoods Ranch & HomeRetained original facade until around 2011
    #9215Kmart817 Gilmer StreetSulphur Springs, TXAtwoods Ranch & Home
    #9250Kmart411 E. Main St.Uvalde, TXTractor Supply Co., Dollar GeneralTSC is 421 and Dollar General is 423
    #9268Kmart3500 College Ave.Snyder, TXUnited SupermarketsDemolished and rebuilt as such c. 1999
    #9577Kmart811 E. Hwy. 82Gainesville, TXThe Home DepotRenumbered to 804. Building mostly intact.
    #9670Kmart304 Early Blvd. (Heartland Mall)Early, TX?If it was the north anchor, then it's currently vacant, though it looks like it was something else since.
    #9677Kmart1200 FM 1462Alvin, TXTractor Supply Co.Takes up only half the space. May have had another tenant occupy the other space.
    #9700Kmart2802 W. Hwy 281Edinburg, TXHidalgo County Administration BuildingFor some odd reason, many searches for the address today turn up "Meldisco", the shoe department leasee of Kmart.
    Kmart5905 Florida Blvd.Baton Rouge, LADeep South Flea Market, Sav-a-Lot* Sav-a-Lot is at 5907 (subdivide)
    * DSFM may have replaced a Roses
    * There may be a vacancy still.
    Kmart9750 Walnut St.Dallas, TXWalnut Street Mall & Banquet HallStill retains '70s facade
    Kmart3324 Williams BlvdKenner, LABurlington Coat Factory

    Closure List of 2000

    Kmart 4902 Fredericksburg Rd. San Antonio TX
    May or may not have been a Big Kmart. Now Graham Central Station.

    Kmart St. Charles Plaza 12717 Hwy. 90 Luling LA
    Appeared to be a 9000-series store, now one "Professional Learning Center".

    Super Kmart 2800 S. MacArthur Dr. Alexandria LA
    One of the first Super Kmart stores to close. It was later the home to "McKesson Automated Prescription Services (APS)" but the company was bought and the facility closed in 2007. McKesson did nothing to the exterior, however.

    Closure List of March 2002


    #9327 Big Kmart 111 Central Expressway N Allen TX
    Despite the 9000 series number, this was built in the late 1990s (it's quite possible that it took the store number from an older store, which this one replaced). It's now "Stacy's Furniture".

    #4885 Big Kmart 3730 Beltline Road Addison TX
    Looks like it demolished and rebuilt as a Target, although it kept the same footprint.

    #3772 Big Kmart 13749 N US HY 183 Ste 100 Austin TX
    Burlington Coat Factory re-tenant. There's a lot more where that came from.

    #7511 Big Kmart 6715 IH 35 South Austin TX
    Also Burlington Coat Factory. Poor Austin.

    #9607 Big Kmart 224 Borger Shopping Plaza Borger TX
    STILL VACANT!! The "Big Kmart" facade is completely intact.

    #7286 Big Kmart 3050 N. Josey Lane Carrollton TX
    The Kmart of this Dallas suburb appears to be Harbor Freight Tools and Dollar Tree today.

    #3636 Big Kmart 4701 Colleyville Blvd. Colleyville TX
    A "Vineyards Antique Mall" from what I see. It looks like they gave it a nice brown re-paint.

    #4908 Super Kmart 5001 S. Padre Island Dr Corpus Christi TX
    A very small Super Kmart, apparently (the "Big Kmarts", like the one in Midland below, were much larger). Now Academy fully, unlike the Waco one.

    #3718 Big Kmart 6000 Skillman Street Dallas TX
    Now The Home Depot, with one very rare circumstance: The Home Depot kept the building completely intact, except for adding a tool pick-up overhang. Wow!

    #4139 Big Kmart 9334 R L Thornton Fwy Dallas TX

    Now "Mercado Garibaldi Bazaar". Because a mercado is kind of like a mini-mall/flea market (they have two in PlazAmericas), I'm guessing the other addresses here (Andrea's Furniture, for one) may be INSIDE the store. Anyway, as you can see, the Big Kmart facade is preserved. Picture originally from Yelp.

    #3743 Big Kmart 715 Skyline Drive Duncanville TX
    From what I can tell, it's been divided into two Mexican restaurants, one of which has excellent tortilla chips.

    #3452 Big Kmart 4011 Alabama Street El Paso TX
    Completely demolished in 2006-2008 for "Rosemont Canyons" (apartments). It looks like it might've had a (few?) temporary tenants after Kmart. There were a few cars in the parking lot circa 2005.

    #3791 Big Kmart 5800 S. Hulen Street Fort Worth TX
    Had the misfortune of being right next to a Wal-Mart. Today, that Wal-Mart is now a Supercenter, and the Kmart's pad is now a smaller strip mall and parking for said Supercenter. Ouch!

    #7248 Big Kmart 5701 Broadway Blvd. Garland TX
    "Bargain Town" maintains the storefront. Part of the parking lot was torn up circa 2007 for a gas station.

    #3497 Big Kmart 4815 Hwy 6 N Houston TX
    Now Track 21 indoor go-karts.

    #3647 Big Kmart 8230 Kirby Drive Houston TX
    From left to right: Anna's Linens, PetSmart, Ross Dress for Less. The building is intact but has been restructured to remove the backside: you can clearly see the replaced concrete (look on Google Maps).

    #3809 Big Kmart 17717 State Highway 249 Houston TX
    From left to right: Golf Galaxy, REI, PetSmart. The building next to it has a Pier 1 Imports and a still-intact Circuit City.

    #3844 Big Kmart 11542 Gulf Freeway Houston TX
    Now a "Floor & Decor" outlet.

    #3863 Big Kmart 310 FM 1960 Road West Houston TX
    Now "America's Furniture Brands" which opened some time after 2006. LoopNet says it opened in 1993.

    #3913 Big Kmart 8300 West Sam Houston Tollway Houston TX
    They built a strip/mini-mall in front of the store. Today it's the mega-Asian market Viet Hoa International Foods.

    #9390 Big Kmart 11110 Fondren Road Houston TX
    From left to right, it became Citi Trends, "Modern City", Dollar Tree, Dots Fashions, and AutoZone. I get the feeling this isn't a very great part of town.

    #4958 Super Kmart 9470 FM 1960 Bypass Humble TX
    Redeveloped into Burlington Coat Factory and Academy. Academy looks like they rebuilt their side, or at least bumped out the facade.

    #9552 Big Kmart 200 Sidney Baker S 1 Kerrville TX
    The address points to the small River Hills Mall. Was Kmart an anchor here?

    #3519 Big Kmart 340 N Midland Drive Midland TX
    Another vacant specimen! This looks to be a rather large one, too. Roof is crumbling (visible in Google Earth), parking lot is in horrible shape, and the sign is rusted over.

    #9576 Big Kmart 2445 North Main Street Paris TX
    This is now an "Atwoods" Farm & Ranch supply store.

    #4926 Super Kmart 1919 North Main Pearland TX
    Torn down and rebuilt as Wal-Mart Supercenter in 2005. Sad but hardly surprising.

    #7314 Big Kmart 4411 Olton Road Plainview TX
    Store's still vacant, the parking lot is falling apart but the roof's still intact. The entrance is on the far left side--did this even open as a Kmart?

    #4775 Big Kmart 3993 South Loop 306 San Angelo TX
    Still vacant. Built in the late 1980s or early 1990s.

    #3690 Big Kmart 7723 Guilbeau Road San Antonio TX
    As expected, this has been divided into smaller stores. Big Lots takes the address and the center space, though other stores and services take up the space, even the garden center area. Stores include (list not all-inclusive) the Justice of the Peace, Pump It Up, and Dollar Tree.

    #3948 Super Kmart 12300 San Pedro Avenue San Antonio TX
    This is now "Northland Ford". Interestingly, the facade is completely intact!

    #3904 Big Kmart 2745 Town Center Blvd. Sugar Land TX
    I believe this was one of the "Venture" stores, one of the biggest mistakes Kmart made (because the Venture stores were small and lacked the Garden Center--and their fanciness amounted to nothing, since it would all be torn out for Big Kmart decor anyway!). Anyway, this one has gotten subdivided into stores like DSW and David's Bridal.

    #4904 Super Kmart 6106 North Navarro Victoria TX
    Torn down in 2006 and rebuilt as H-E-B Plus, which, if you know H-E-B, has both general merchandise and grocery, but not at all like a Super Kmart. No clothing, for instance...

    #4346 Big Kmart 1701 S Cherry Lane White Settlement TX
    Subdivided into Conn's and Academy.


    #3652 Big Kmart 6900 Siegen Lane Baton Rouge LA
    Now a Dollar Tree and a Big Lots.

    #9796 Big Kmart 13982 West Main Street Cut Off LA
    Now Burke's Outlet, but only in part of the store. Other than that, an untouched 9000-series store. Looking at the town of Cut Off, Louisiana, it's easy to see how it got that name.

    #7599 Big Kmart 2714 W. Thomas Street Hammond LA
    Hobby Lobby, Goodwill, and a few smaller stores. Hobby Lobby takes the majority of the space.

    #3770 Big Kmart 108 West Airline Hwy LaPlace LA
    Big Lots, Office Depot, and smaller stores are here now.

    #7350 Big Kmart 124 James Comeaux Road Lafayette LA
    Looks like was knocked down circa 2005, and replaced with a Renaissance Inn.

    #7386 Big Kmart 5990 Lapalco Blvd. Marrero LA
    Still empty!

    #3936 Big Kmart 305 S. Cities Service Hwy Sulphur LA
    Knocked down for a Lowe's within a year or so of closing.

    #7910 Big Kmart 1657 Saint Mary St. Thibodaux LA
    The facade was renovated and it was turned into smaller stores.

    Closure List of January 2003


    I couldn't get store numbers for these (except the Waco one, by chance). If you can find them, why don't you tell us? One Kmart on the closure list, 4565 S 1st Street, managed to escape death. That's why it's not on this list.

    Big Kmart 2747 Duniven Circle Amarillo TX 79109
    My initial guess that this was a Kmart that opened in the 1960s was correct. This article reveals that it was remodeled in 1998 (it added on substantially to the front). It mentions that this store opened in 1962, making it one of the first Kmarts ever (almost certainly first in Texas).

    Big Kmart 2610 Soncy Road Amarillo TX 79124
    Former Venture that re-opened in 1998 as Big Kmart. THIS is why Kmart lost Texas folks, these stupid Venture stores! Looks like it's a Kohl's now.

    Big Kmart 2540 East Pioneer Parkway Arlington TX 76010
    Dollar Tree, Floor & Decor, and Alphagraphics Arlington Printing Services now. Located across the highway from the old Forum 303 Mall, it's a miracle that it survived this long (and anything survives here today).

    Big Kmart 915 E Randol Mill Road Arlington TX 76011
    Razed and replaced with an east-facing Wal-Mart Supercenter. It's a TINY one, though.

    Big Kmart 4650 South Cooper Street Arlington TX 76017
    Had a fully-enclosed (with skylight) garden center. Alas, it's been torn down--the Garden Center that is. It appeared to have an unusual roof, and is now expanded into a Home Depot.

    Big Kmart 2506 West Parmer Lane Austin TX 78727
    From left to right: Big Lots, Harbor Freight Tools, Dollar Tree, and Half-Price Books.

    Big Kmart 104 Northwest Parkway Azle TX 76020
    Garden Center in the front instead of the side. Still vacant today.

    Big Kmart 12005 Elam Rd Balch Springs TX 75180
    Looks like it may have had a Kmart Foods. Demolished, now The Home Depot

    Big Kmart 3500 Garth Rd Baytown TX 77521
    Gutted and rebuilt into "Joe V's Smart Shop", presumably after several years of vacancy. Notably, the Garden area was torn out and is now an empty patch.

    Big Kmart 5845 Eastex Freeway Beaumont TX 77706
    Now Gander Mountain. There's an adjacent storefront with a Big Kmart-esque facade, but there's strong evidence is it was a Kroger, likely a Superstore variant.

    Big Kmart 877 North Alsbury Blvd Burleson TX 76028
    Converted into a JCPenney, of all things!

    Big Kmart 229 Fm 1382 Cedar Hill TX 75104
    Conn's, Jo-Ann, and B&B Bicycles. It looks like it didn't last for more than a few years.

    Big Kmart 230 South Loop 336 West Conroe TX 77304
    Now "Conroe's Incredible Pizza Company"

    Super Kmart 3621 W Highway 31 Corsicana TX 75110

    The original picture and more information is located here (not mine). It was one of the first generation Super Kmarts with their "food court".

    Big Kmart 712 Walton Walker Blvd Dallas TX 75211
    Now "Super Fiesta Bazaar" indoor flea market. Looks to be a particularly ancient 1960s/1970s specimen.

    Big Kmart 845 N Beckley De Soto TX 75115
    Now "Scratch & Dent" furniture clearance store. It advertises as being the old Kmart building...

    Big Kmart 2209 Avenue F Plaza Del Sol Mall Del Rio TX 78840

    Big Kmart 2300 W University Denton TX 76201
    Demolished for redevelopment for the area. Worth noting that said redevelopment never happened: there's ruins of an outlet mall of some sort that was actually never built.

    Big Kmart 3540 Alta Mesa Blvd Fort Worth TX 76133

    Big Kmart 6327 Steward Rd Galveston TX 77551
    Now Ross and Marshalls. Supposedly this had a Kmart Foods (later Lewis & Coker) as well.

    Big Kmart 3161 Broadway Boulevard Garland TX 75043
    Later a Steve & Barry's University Sportswear, which has since closed when the chain went bankrupt.

    Big Kmart 5222 Wesley St Greenville TX 75402
    Now Atwoods Farm & Ranch. Appears to be a 9000-series store.

    Super Kmart 4440 Twin City Highway Groves TX 77619
    Still vacant. The parking lot is full of junk, though, and the building is for sale.

    Big Kmart 3316 Denton Highway Haltom City TX 76117
    Appears to be expanded later (classic 70's facade intact). This expansion later held a Steve & Barry's (briefly).

    Big Kmart 1431 W 20th St Houston TX 77008
    Now "Restaurant Depot", since 2005. An article at the time mentions it didn't take up all the space (though this may have changed). Awful location, too.

    Big Kmart 3333 Telephone Street Houston TX 77023
    Turned into a strip center with Melrose, Dollar Tree, and a few other stores

    Big Kmart 10261 N Freeway Houston TX 77037

    Big Kmart 5607 Uvalde Road Houston TX 77049
    Home to the second location ever of "Joe V's Smart Shop"--the "deep discount grocery store" by H-E-B.

    Super Kmart 8400 Westheimer Houston TX 77063
    Demolished for The Home Depot and other junior anchors. The modern Home Depot faces east, the junior anchors in redevelopment face south like the Super Kmart did.

    Big Kmart 14411 Westheimer Road Houston TX 77077
    Burlington Coat Factory now

    Big Kmart 12005 Northwest Freeway Houston TX 77092
    Now a Burlington Coat Factory, former Venture (likely opened 1998--Kmart, not Venture). No garden center.

    Big Kmart 300 Meyerland Plaza Mall Houston TX 77096
    Reopened as a Target, former Venture. Store mostly demolished and rebuilt. No garden center. Presumably opened in 1998.

    Big Kmart 1405 W Pipeline Rd Hurst TX 76053
    Expanded into "Market Street Village". Modern-day PDF here.

    Big Kmart 3500 West Airport Freeway Irving TX 75062
    Torn down for a Lowe's in 2004-2005.

    Big Kmart 333 South Mason Katy TX 77450
    Houston-based Fiesta Mart has taken up this Kmart, though I don't think all of it. Building's intact. Dollar Tree and another store are connected, but were NOT part of the old Kmart. Looks like it was a nice Kmart at the time. Information on the Fiesta Mart here.

    Big Kmart 1050 Interstate Hwy 35 E New Braunfels TX 78130
    Now a Kohl's

    Big Kmart 2018 E 42nd St Odessa TX 79762
    Bealls and Bob Mills Furniture today. It looks like it may have left a large stand-alone auto center, which is still vacant.

    Big Kmart 5200 Fairmont Pkwy Pasadena TX 77505
    Flattened and replaced with the parking lot for the Wal-Mart Supercenter.

    Big Kmart 800 15th Street West Plano TX 75075
    A Floor & Decor Outlet, much like the one on Gulf Freeway in Houston.

    Super Kmart 28000 US 59 Rosenberg TX 77471
    Slowly but surely starting to retenant...or not. On that subject, Internet records show that there was a Kmart at "5306 Avenue I, Rosenberg, TX", though it's turning up a CVS/pharmacy on a pad to small be a Kmart, the area is fairly new, and besides, it's not very far away from the Super Kmart anyway.

    Big Kmart 315 S Santa Rosa Ave San Antonio TX 78207
    An odd urban location, sits on one city block. Demolished, can still be seen at Google's 45° view. Now the Public Safety Headquarters of San Antonio.

    Big Kmart 238 Military Dr Sw St 100 San Antonio TX 78221
    Now smaller stores, including a "dd's Discount".

    Big Kmart 2902 Goliad Rd San Antonio TX 78223
    Anna's Linens, Big Lots, some vacant space (store turned into smaller shops)

    Super Kmart 2015 Southwest Loop 410 San Antonio TX 78227
    A tragedy: vacant, vandalized, and falling apart. Check Flickr for interior pics.

    Super Kmart 11711 I-35 North San Antonio TX 78233
    Still vacant, better maintained than it's Loop 410 counterpart.

    Super Kmart 2701 Hwy 75 North Sherman TX 75090
    Redeveloped into "Sherman Center". A part remains vacant, with a call center, Aspen Athletic Clubs, and Gander Mountain taking up the majority of the space. A recent Google search has Tuesday Morning with the address. Perhaps it filled in that last vacancy?

    Big Kmart 3809 S General Bruce Dr Temple TX 76502
    The store was mostly torn down for a new strip mall half the size (and creating a new sub-parking lot). The original parking lot is still intact (complete with lights) though some of it was taken out in a highway expansion. And interestingly, a Kmart still exists in sister city Killeen.

    Big Kmart 3401 Palmer Highway Texas City TX 77590
    This was originally Woolco, then Wal-Mart, then Venture, and then the Kmart (dunno if it's been demolished any of those times). Now it's a BP office. The Kmart apparently moved from an older location from across the street. (thanks, plumber2 of the HAIF)

    Big Kmart 1909 E Southeast Loop 323 Tyler TX 75701
    Hobby Lobby took over the right side of the store and expanded it slightly, about half the space remains vacant.

    #4948 Super Kmart 200 North New Road Waco TX 76710
    Academy has taken up the general merchandise section, and other tenants have set up around the Kmart (it became a shopping center, "Waco Plaza"). It also replaced a smaller location a little north of it, and opened in 1994. I found the store number, too!

    Big Kmart 1001 Bay Area Boulevard Webster TX 77598
    Subdivided into (left to right) Circuit City, Ashley Furniture HomeStore, and World Market. Obviously Circuit City is closed.

    Super Kmart 1901 West Expressway 83 Weslaco TX 78596
    Divided into smaller stores.

    Big Kmart 3712 Call Field Road Wichita Falls TX 76308
    Now "Kohl's Center", being a Kohl's department store and smaller stores facing Lawrence Road.


    Super Kmart 2001 Millerville Road, Baton Rouge LA
    Knocked down for a SuperTarget and a Best Buy.

    Super Kmart 3300 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, Lafayette LA
    Replaced by a Conn's HomePlus (Conn's Appliances), a "Burlington" (no "Coat Factory" anymore, apparently), Boot Barn (formerly Baskin's), and Dirt Cheap. All this happened around the early 2010s, apparently.

    Big Kmart 4700 Old Gentilly Road, New Orleans LA
    A bizarre curved store, this later was Home Depot, which has since closed. The curved store was original--Kmart has been here in the curved store since 1986. Maybe longer.

    Big Kmart 1704 E. 70th St., Shreveport LA
    Now a Belk.

    Big Kmart 9140 Mansfield Road, Shreveport LA
    Appears to be be a former Kmart Foods-attached Kmart. Said allegedly former Kmart Foods is a Dollar Tree, the K itself is now (left to right) Stage, Fred's, and It's Fashion Metro.

    Big Kmart 1311 Gause Blvd., Slidell LA
    Mostly the Slidell Athletic Club, though there a few smaller stores it appears. A former 9xxx store? It's AWFULLY small (but still large enough).

    Super Kmart 111 Constitution Drive, West Monroe LA
    Now Academy Sports + Outdoors and an attached Bayou Bistro restaurant (which may or may not have been part of the original store). Part of the store, notably the solarium-like "food court" is still intact (vacant).

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