The Houston section of Carbon-izer's Project Aerostar is the most in flux. It is neither a well-built, pre-existing blog, or an entirely new section built from scratch. It is spread across two blogs already.

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   Where in the World But AstroWorld - A detailed theme park guide describing this defunct Houston amusement park.

   The Galleria - I first went to The Galleria in Houston, TX, and it was one of the more enjoyable day trips I've gone on in my life. This includes a large directory of how The Galleria appeared in 2003.

   The Houston Files - Designed as a companion to my College Station blog, this showcases history behind buildings, with advertisements as well as photos. Unfortunately, this is temporarily on hold to various issues, and further integration into Carbon-izer is still underway.

   The Greatest Hypermarket I Never Knew - A brief page on the Auchan hypermarket chain in Houston, TX.

   Splashtown Tribute - This was a page I created a long time ago (fall 2009) about the history of Splashtown in Spring, TX. It's obviously out of date and I don't have plans to update it, but it's here anyway.