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As part of the ongoing project to link the Katy Freeway page and the Westheimer Road page, this page was created. (Currently at "Version 1"). It's a small page and separate from the main Gessner page to provide space for further expansion to South Gessner Road, which goes all the way to US-90A (South Main) and becomes Texas Parkway.


The first stoplight of South Gessner after Gessner Road becomes South Gessner Road at Buffalo Bayou.
El Tiempo Cantina / 2605 S. Gessner Road
The original restaurant that was here (then 100 Woodlake Square), a tiki hut-themed location of Don the Beachcomber, opened in the mid-1970s but was closed and torn down within a decade for Flakey Jake's, a hamburger restaurant similar to Fuddruckers, but it closed between fall 1986 and fall 1988 (most of the chain melted down around that time) and in 1990 was Marco's Mexican Restaurant. In 1999, another reference to the building had it as Tortuga's Coastal Cantina.

In 2004, it became a new location of Amazon Grill and after it closed, became a location of El Tiempo Cantina in August 2014, which it still is. It was one of the few buildings to survive the rebuilding of Woodlake Square.


This is where we'll stop in this mini-section. The Westheimer Road section on this website is considerably more built out. Check it out!
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