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The next section of Highway 6 drops speed to 65MPH and follows up from the Highway 6 in Navasota page. This Version 2.2 of this page, which adds the Abandoned Hempstead Shell and adds further format fixes.

29869 Hwy. 6
As I used to document this sort of thing on Wikimapia, this gas station at Cedar Creek Road was a "small gas station along Highway 6. Sometime in 2013 (plus or minus a year) this converted to a Citgo (from an Exxon). The Exxon-like sign for the convenience store Frank's Mini Mart remains. There's also a grill adjacent to the gas station that claims to be 'Now Open' but it's always shut."

After the new gas station opened up practically across the street, though, the Citgo packed it in for good.

Chevron / 29442 Hwy. 6
The first of two new gas stations that opened along the route in 2020, this Chevron features "FuelMaxx" and a new Dickey's Barbecue Pit (despite the latter's trouble keeping restaurants).

29241 Hwy. 6
Joe's Italian Grill opened here around February 2019 but isn't there anymore (it moved out somewhere in 2020-2021). Other businesses I remember here in the last five years was AJ's Family Restaurant (early 2010s to 2015) and "Cliff Hanger's Country Cafe" (only open from 2/18 to 9/18). An earlier restaurant before even AJ's was Cedar Creek Cafe. More info on this restaurant is definitely needed.

Hill Country BBQ / 27004 Hwy. 6
Opened around 2010 (the RV park behind it opened a bit later), this restaurant is closer to Hempstead's core and performs better than the former AJ's and the restaurants that followed it.

Chevron / 24880 Hwy. 6
This Chevron has Best Stop as the c-store and "Big Madre" tacos inside. It was built around the same time as the other Chevron.

South of here is the RCR Hempstead Logistics Park. This rail-based industrial park will have various warehouses with rail connection. It displaced (though did not physically replace) a small farmer's market stand, DiIorio Farms & Roadside Market (Hempstead was once famous for growing watermelons). Sometime in the mid-2010s, this became "DiIorio Farms Partnership" before disappearing and consolidating with its sister operation in Hempstead proper.

At this point, there's an exit to Northwest Freeway. This is where the next section officially begins: "Northwest Freeway Outside the Grand Parkway". While Hempstead, Texas isn't covered in this section, you can see an abandoned Shell station by continuing down the main road instead of exiting.

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