Carbon-izer Presents FM 1960


Initially, I didn't want to make an FM 1960 page, mostly on the grounds that the website West Houston Archives did something similar with far more photos than I could ever hope to have.

Unfortunately, John (from West Houston Archives) abandoned his website due to the method he had used (through the way the website editor changed) being outdated, prompting this page. My initial idea was to correct the legacy of a certain restaurant, but it soon evolved beyond that, to make corrections/updates/additions that were not covered in the original version.

While John's website can still be seen here and contain more photos than this page will ever have, this one will continue to be updated. This page is ordered in the same way as John's, with the addresses in reverse order from west to east.

Version 7.0 of this page adds 7-Eleven where 7-Eleven is due, finds an even shorter-lived Sonic, goes literally behind Burlington for some vital Willowbrook-area retail, investigates Walmart history, and uncovers another set of Pappas twins. Specifically, it adds Panda Express (near Eldridge), Kohl's (near Elridge), Panera Bread (near Eldridge), Zaxby's (near Fallbrook), Houston Used Auto Sales, 7-Eleven (at Mills Road), Costco, At Home (both are off of N. Gessner), 7-Eleven (at Highway 249), El Paso Mexican Grill, Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, Pappasito's Cantina, Sun's Wholesale Club, and Bargain Furniture. It also updates Denny's (mild rewrite), 12901 FM 1960 Road West (opening date of Sonic), Valero (at Fallbrook--now a Texaco), Fuddruckers (at Willowbrook Mall), Megacenter Willowbrook (store history and original store), and Cypress Pointe (Dirt Cheap gone), and moved 12445 FM 1960 Road West (former Walgreens, near Eldridge) above Kroger. There were also some changes to add spaces between the entry and the camera icon, and the section at the bottom has been expanded.

The icon indicates when there's a picture (or more!) on WHA.


As of this writing, the 290/FM 1960 intersection is mostly complete, with the new overpass and the first stoplight here is Wortham Boulevard ending just before Eldridge Parkway. Check out here.

McDonald's / 13145 FM 1960 West
Until I traversed the FM 1960 corridor to Willowbrook Mall in January 2017, I had little experience of FM 1960. I remember stopping at the McDonald's at 13145 FM 1960 West (for coffee and snacks) en route to the Houston Museum of Natural Science in 2008. I remember commenting on the incredible shrinking apple pie (and why they were so cheap). It was also one of the first "new-style" yellow-eyebrow McDonald's I remember going to before they started to rapidly tear down or renovate older "mansard roofs" en masse.

Interestingly, the store was just over a decade old before it was renovated.

Denny's / 13031 FM 1960 Rd. W.
This Denny's opened in December 1995 and is 24/7 again as of 2021. If only House of Pies could get the same idea...

13135 FM 1960 Road West
This gas station opened as RaceTrac #523 in 1996 and converted to RaceWay in 2006. Around early 2018 it closed permanently.

Burger King / 12929 FM 1960 Road West
This Burger King (#9434) originally opened in 1996 and was rebuilt in 2015-2016. Rumors it might close due to a land sale (and the fact that visibility has been reduced).

Country Inn & Suites / 12915 FM 1960 Road West
Officially the "Houston Northwest" location, this hotel (60 rooms on 3 floors), was built as a Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites in 2001. In 2016 was converted to a Country Inn & Suites.

Construction of FM 1960 has eliminated the parking in the front and required a reduction of the swimming pool.

12901 FM 1960 Road West
The Yelp review for this former Sonic indicates that it closed in early 2021 for miserable service than any other factor. It originally opened in 2006.

Panda Express / 12895 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W.
This Panda Express opened in 2006 not long after the Sonic next door, but has fared better than it.

The Home Depot / 12727 FM 1960 Road West
It apears that this Home Depot store was opened in early 2006.

Target / 12701 FM 1960 Road West
T-2144 opened in October 2006 (source).

12611 FM 1960 Road West
A Steak N Shake restaurant opened with much fanfare here in 2008 but ended up closing in 2015. It is still vacant.

12600 FM 1960 West
This was originally Eckerd (built a year or two before the stores were sold to CVS) and later Sound Fitness, which operated from around 2006 to 2013. After closing, the sign of Sound Fitness remained up for several years afterward, and eventually, the building was remodeled into a strip center (the strip center behind the Eckerd, built around the same time, also remodeled). The new building has a relocated Walgreens at 12602 (located in about a third of the building, closest to the 290 side). More history of the former Eckerd is on The Houston Files.


12445 FM 1960 Road West
This Walgreens operated from 2000 to 2020. It relocated to the former Eckerd (in a significantly downsized space).

Kroger / 12400 FM 1960 West
At the northeast corner of FM 1960 and Eldridge was a Kroger gas station. It was Albertsons Express originally (the "Snacks" and "Beverages" signage is original to Albertsons). For years it was branded as "Kwik Shop" but was re-branded as Kroger following the sale of Kwik Shop and other gas stations to EG Group. The gas station has the same address of a Kroger practically behind it, and of course, this Kroger was an Albertsons as well (opened in October 2000). I visited the former Albertsons #2790 back in 2015 (covered at my old Albertsons blog) and was pleasantly surprised to find that Kroger still kept a lot of Albertsons' specialty flooring (even if the departments themselves no longer existed in those locations). When the store was an Albertsons, it featured a short-lived "Lawn & Garden" department, which Kroger did not keep upon the store's change of hands in spring 2002. There's an article somewhere that says that the indoor parts of the garden center became some sort of "dollar store" department but the outdoor parts were never used.

In 2020, the gas station was closed and torn down for reasons unknown.

Kohl's / 12330 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W.
Kohl's opened in March 2002, so it did share some time with the Albertsons, if briefly.

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers / 12407 FM 1960 Road West
This appears to have opened in early 2015 on what used to be Walmart's parking lot (the side closest to the road).

Walmart / 12353 FM 1960 West
Originally branded as Wal-Mart Supercenter, this large discount store + food mart opened in July 2001.

Regency Inn & Suites / 12349 FM 1960 Rd. W.
This lower-end motel opened behind Raising Cane's (described next page) in late 2016 or early 2017.

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers / 12345 FM 1960 Rd. W.
Raising Cane's opened in April 2012 but chose to focus on the fact that it opened on Friday the 13th rather than its ascending numerical address (12345).

Panera Bread / 12220 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W.
This stand-alone Panera Bread location on the Kohl's/Kroger side has been here since 2002 when the shopping center expanded.

CVS/pharmacy / 11600 FM 1960 West
The aforementioned Eckerd probably closed because of this CVS here, built around 2003.

Texaco / 11595 FM 1960 West
This Valero has a generic food store (d/b/a Evergreen Food Mart) but the unique design of the station shows its legacy as a Stop N Go. It converted to Valero in the late 2000s (from what, is hard to tell--it's not Diamond Shamrock) and to Texaco sometime in 2019.

Zaxby's / 11550 FM 1960 West
Zaxby's opened here in 2010. Although it was one of the earlier Zaxby's locations in the area, it was neither the first in Texas nor in Houston.

DQ / 11130 FM 1960 West
This Dairy Queen was here since the 1970s and at one time was the only establishment between the Jones Road intersection all the way to the Hempstead Highway intersection.

11006 FM 1960 West
This former Taco Cabana closed in January 2021 a year after the big Taco Cabana closures.

10951 Jones Road
This former CapitalOne bank on the south side of FM 1960 was a Blockbuster during most of the 1990s and early 2000s until its demolition around 2004 but it started out as JJ Muggs restaurant until it closed in the mid-1980s.


Big Lots / 10951 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W
Big Lots was built as a Kroger "Super Store" (a model of Kroger, not a branding), originally opening in late 1978 or early 1979. Exterior-wise, this was a "greenhouse" Kroger. Ultimately, the Kroger pulled out less than a decade later (closed by late 1986) and by 1988 it was Pic'N'Save and in 1992 it was Mac Frugal's, the new name of the chain. In 2002, the store was rebranded as Big Lots. More on this former Kroger will be explored soon.

Whataburger / 10843 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W
This Whataburger (#279) relocated from 11035 Jones Road in the mid-1990s (the tax website indicates 1999 when it moved on both buildings, but Google Earth shows differently). The old restaurant later served as Schlotzsky's Deli and now serves a restaurant called "It's Ribs!". WHA's picture shows the restaurant (at 10843 FM 1960 W.) with its blue trim, which it had in 1999 but changed at some point in the 2010s.

Wendy's / 10953 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W
This 1985 Wendy's was the last Wendy's I knew of in Houston that had the original "solarium" roof. Unfortunately, in 2018-2019 the restaurant was renovated and doesn't look like that anymore. Good thing I took my own interior pictures!

Wendy's exterior, February 2017
Wendy's solarium, February 2017

Chimac / 10860 FM 1960 West
Formerly a dated Hartz Chicken Buffet (Hartz Chicken) restaurant (#113) that operated here from 1989 to 2016, the space today (opened early 2019) is a Korean chicken restaurant. Hartz is now located a bit down the street (but didn't move immediately, see next entry).

Hartz Chicken Buffet / 10660 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W
Built as a Taco Bell in 1993 and later renovated into a combo Taco Bell/Long John Silvers (the building was later renovated, possibly when LJS was added around the early 2000s). Taco Bell/LJS closed between May 2016 and May 2017, but Hartz Chicken Buffet, its current tenant, didn't move here immediately from their old location, opening in 2018.

TitleMax Title Loans / 10610 FM 1960 Road West
This was a McDonald's (with a Playplace, looks like) from approximately around 1991 to 2001. After that, it was several other businesses including Zak's (~2002), Tio Chucho Ostioneria & Bar (2003-2004), Pete's BBQ (2007-2008), Overtime Sports Bar & Grill (2008-2009), Bikini Wing Bar (2010-2012). In March 2012, Bikini Wing Bar was rebranded as Babe's (aka Babe's North to complement Babe's at 5614 Hillcroft) but was shut down later that year. TitleMax Title Loans opened by 2014 and has been there since.

Buddy's Home Furnishings / 10602 FM 1960 West
This establishment was originally a Wolfe Nursery then "Liquid" in the early 2000s and Bizarre Bazaar sometime until 2017 or 2018. Liquid sold the same sort of stuff Bizarre Bazaar did...smoking accessories, sex toys, the like.

Captain Tom's Seafood & Oyster Bar / 10501 FM 1960 West
This boat shaped restaurant was originally further down the street but moved to this new location in late 2015/early 2016 after moving from its old spot in the strip mall parking lot down the street.


McDonald's / 9351 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W
This McDonald's opened in 2001 to replace the one down the street. While also initially a "mansard roof", the restaurant received an exterior change in 2017. The vacant space next to it was originally a Red Lobster, then Prime Time Steakhouse since the 1990s until 2013. It was demolished six or seven years later.

Houston Used Auto Sales / 8725 FM 1960 Road West
An abandoned Sonic stood for nearly a decade before becoming this used auto lot in fall 2016. It had an incredibly short life as a Sonic, opening in mid-2006 but closing up by the end of 2007.

Deseret Industries / 8625 FM 1960 Road West
Formerly a Sports Authority until it closed in the spring 2016 with the chain, this was a former Oshman's as WHA states. However, it was more than just an Oshman's, it was Oshman's SuperSports USA. An ad in a September 1995 issue of the Houston Chronicle showcased all the features of the new store. Sometime around late 2005 or early 2006, it was rebranded as Sports Authority with the rest of the chain (but by its closure, most of those nifty features SSUSA had were gone). In early 2021, it opened as Deseret Industries thrift store, owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Notably, it is their first store outside of the western United States.

Jack in the Box / 8603 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W.
This fast food chain has been here at least since 1994, predating Oshman's.

7-Eleven / 8550 FM 1960 Road West
This opened in late 2013 as RaceWay and after RaceWay sold its area stores to 7-Eleven in early 2021, and was operating as such by April 2021, complete with a branded canopy. (It may have even skipped the "Mobil Mart" transitionary phase!)

Burlington / 8415 Farm to Market 1960 Road West
This opened as The Home Depot back in 1985, one of the very first Home Depot stores in the Houston area. In March 1994 it closed and moved to 18355 Tomball Parkway (which has since moved again). Burlington Coat Factory opened later in 1994 and the rest is history (well, aside from dropping the "Coat Factory" from the store name).

Costco / 12405 N. Gessner Rd.
A short jog down Mills Road to North Gessner (sorry, it doesn't connect to the rest of Gessner--CoH better get cracking on that 1.38 mile gap), behind Burlington and past a vacant lot that used to be a scrapyard back in the 1970s and 1980s (see West Houston Archive) is one of Houston's first Costco stores (that and the Bunker Hill store), which opened in 2001.

At Home / 12605 N. Gessner Road
This was originally The Great Indoors, which operated from 2001 to 2003. In 2006 Garden Ridge opened in the space, which later assumed its current name in 2014.


Willowchase Center (also known as Willow Chase Center, and also briefly also known as Willow Chase Fashion Center) began as an "off-price" complement to Willowbrook Mall, featuring Mervyn's (which later "disconnected" from the center legally), J. Brannam (stand-alone), T.H. Mandy, Willow Chase Health Club, and The Home Front.

Willowchase Center is a bit of a definitively downscale center these days, but one thing to note is the Fiesta Mart is in fact original (well, not at opening, but it didn't replace anything). You can see the PDF I used for reference of the shopping center here (archived from the original link. The center has been a bit hard to research because not only are their addresses for the tenants, but that some of them merge or divide.

Rooms to Go / 12990 Willow Chase Drive
Rooms to Go was once a Mervyn's department store (#127), opened in spring 1984 with several other Mervyn's stores in the area, until its closure in January 2006 (which was also when Mervyn's exited Houston, among other areas). A few years later, an extensive renovation followed that gutted the building and transformed it into Rooms to Go.

7-Eleven / 8015 West FM 1960
At the southwest corner of 249 and FM 1960 is a 7-Eleven gas station with a Laredo Taco Company (it is self-branded). It replaced a Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse, a chain restaurant that operated here from 2000 to January 2017. The restaurant building and its adjacent parking lot were demolished, 7-Eleven opened in 2021.


They renamed this section of FM 1960 West as "Cypress Creek Parkway" in the early 2010s. As a result, the addresses here as referred to Cypress Creek Parkway, not FM 1960 West or FM 1960 Road West.

Sam's Club / 7950 Cypress Creek Pkwy.
Opening in August 1994 as "Builders Square II" (a larger version of the Builders Square hardware store, owned by Kmart). The Builders Square II name was later de-emphasized—it was not used in advertisements and by the late 1990s it was only Builder's Square no matter what it said on the outside. In June 1999, the company (spun off from Kmart in 1997 and merged with Maryland-based Hechinger) filed for bankruptcy and closed the remaining six stores in Houston (the company would go out of business later that year after unsuccessfully trying to convert Builders Square to their other brand, Home Quarters). In 2001, the store reopened as a Sam's Club.

Kirin II Japanese Seafood Buffet / 7615 Cypress Creek Parkway
This has several other names, such as Kirin Japanese Seafood & Sushi Buffet, but it opened in 1998 in a former Shoney's (#550) that opened in 1993 and closed in 1996.

Willowbrook Mall / 2000 Willowbrook Mall
We have a *new* Willowbrook Mall page on this very website. Check it out here. Recently, "Anonymous in Houston" has written a bit on Willowbrook Mall on Houston Historic Retail.

In-N-Out Burger / 7611 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W.
The Houston area's third In-N-Out Burger opened in September 2020 but the first in Houston proper. Previously, the site held a Chase bank.

El Paso Mexican Grill / 7607 Cypress Creek Pkwy.
Located behind In-N-Out and Kirin, this was Romano's Macaroni Grill from 1993 to around 2017, and has been El Paso since 2018.

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers / 7535 Cypress Creek Parkway
One of the restaurants that surrounds Willowbrook Mall, this restaurant has its nickname as "The Traffic Jam" and opened December 2014. It was some sort of bank originally, by fall 2008 it was already closed and dismantled.

Fuddruckers / 7511 Cypress Creek Pkwy.
This Fuddruckers has been operational since 1983, and has weathered through the struggles when it was owned by Luby's, Inc. (before Luby's off-loaded the chain in 2021).

Jared The Galleria of Jewelry / 7400 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W.
This chain jewelry store replaced a Two Pesos (later Taco Cabana, which closed around 1996).

Best Buy / 7318 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W.
From 1976 to 1989 this was 84 Lumber (with its own rail spur) but became one of Houston's first Best Buy stores in 1991. In 2002 the store was rebuilt, going from 27,000 square feet to 44,000 square feet.

Megacenter Willowbrook / 7075 Cypress Creek Parkway
Built as a Wal-Mart in 1995 (store #597) and expanded to a Supercenter within seven years, this Walmart (as it was branded by that time) was marked for closure in January 2016. A few years later it was renovated a "Megacenter Willowbrook", some sort of hybrid office park/self storage center.

Eagle-eyed retail viewers will notice the store number is relatively low for a mid-1990s era store, and they'd be was originally located at 22420 FM 149 (now 22420 Tomball Pkwy.) and officially relocated to this location, despite being several miles down (a Supercenter at Spring Cypress and 249 did not open until 2003).

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen / 7110 FM 1960 Road West
As I've found in writing about Katy Freeway, Loop 610, and Northwest Freeway, this Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is right next to Pappasito's, in this case across Champion Centre Drive. Pappadeaux #10 opened in May 1994.

Pappasito's Cantina / 7050 FM 1960 Road West
Pappasito's Cantina opened in either December 1993 or very early 1994.


Stacked Pickle / 6944 FM 1960 Road W.
Originally Robbins Bros. and closed by 2011, this was Shannon Fine Jewelry until June 2018 (when it closed permanently). Stacked Pickle (a restaurant) opened in 2020.

Target / 6801 FM 1960 Rd. W.
Target store T-2066 opened in October 2005.

6705 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W.
The Mariner was here originally, same restaurant as the one formerly at 5919 Westheimer Road (see our Westheimer Road page for an advertisement) from around 1973 to 1986, and Interior Fabrics from 1991 to 2016.

This currently has two tenants, McCallum's Upholstery (Ste. B) and House of Fabrics (Ste. A). Both businesses moved here in 2016.

Just east of here, until they were demolished in 2009, were three small house-like businesses sharing the 6701 W. FM 1960 address. These were photographed by John in 2009 but he had no idea what they were. Thanks to state taxpayer resources, we have now figured these out.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car from 1984 to 1993. This was not marked as "A" but rather the "main" building that was demolished first. (Possibly.)

6701 B was Gogi's Hair Styling for Tots & Teens from 1977 to 1983 and ABC Pet Grooming from around 1987-1988. Patty's Country Memories was here from 1992 to 1994, and Window Scenes from 1994 to 1996.

C was Kiki's Hair Place from 1982 to 1985 and Faye's Grooming and Boarding from 1988 to 2004.

Champions Service Center / 5902 FM 1960 W.
This gas station and auto garage lost its Shell branding between October 2019 and March 2020. It may have since gotten a new brand. According to Harris County Appraisal District, the service station dates back to 1967. A banner went up in 2017 celebrating 50 years in business, and has definitely been under that name since 1980 (though the gas brand is unknown).

Starbucks / 5602 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W.
This Starbucks Coffee location opened in April 2014, replacing a floral shop-turned-Ben & Jerry's (see West Houston Archives link) and a stand-alone Subway (which moved to the adjacent shopping center). For some reason it faces backward, with the drive-through lane and dumpster enclosure facing FM 1960.



At the southeast corner of Champions Forest and FM 1960 is the Champions Village shopping center. This strip mall was unusual in that it featured similar tenants to a traditional shopping mall (including more upscale tenants) while hybridizing it with traditional strip mall tenants. While the shopping center even had a directory published in the paper (a 2021 version can be seen here), there were a few notable tenants:


4425 FM 1960 Rd. W.
Perhaps we can cover the rest of this shopping center someday, but the main tenant was an Albertsons (from 1995 to 2002), and later was filled by 24 Hour Fitness (2006 to 2020, permanently closing during COVID-19 induced bankruptcy).

Chick-fil-A / 3655 Cypress Creek Parkway
This was what I originally wanted to cover in this section. WHA purports that the restaurant that was originally here (before Chick-fil-A) opened in 1980. However, that isn't the case, only the original "Hunan Chef" was. In actuality, this was originally a buffet restaurant called "The Covered Dish" which opened around 1989 (one of my friends worked here many years ago) but by summer 1994 it was a HomeTown Buffet (which was later bought by Buffets Inc.), which opened in the spot. The last mention of HomeTown Buffet was in October 2002 (many area groups met there over the years), with the first mention of Hunan Chef (operating as "Hunan Chef III") in 2006. In 2012, the restaurant closed and was torn down. Chick-fil-A was built on the site a few years later.

Walmart / 3450 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W.
This store opened in October 2002 as a "Wal-Mart Supercenter" and has (or at least had, given they've been dropping like flies recently) a McDonald's inside. It is store #1103 and replaced the store across the street (see below).

Sun's Wholesale Club / 3645 Cypress Creek Pkwy.
Sun's Wholesale Club (the resemblance to a more famous "S__'s Wholesale Club" by its old occupant is surely not a coincidence). It is part of a reconfiguration that reworked the former Wal-Mart at 3275 FM 1960 Road West. It was the original #1103 and operated from October 1987 to 2002, expanding once in the mid-1990s. Other portions of the former building were reworked into other strip mall-like tenants. If you look at WHA's 2012 shot of the building, there's a tenant marked "Treasures of [something]". It replaced Northwest Assistance Ministries, which despite only occupying half of the building, repainted the building with white with checkerboard accents.

2907 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W.
This was a Discount Tire but as of this writing (May '21) it is closed. It was open February 2020 before the troubles of 2020 began. Just to the immediate west of here was Games People Play, an outdoor amusement park with mini-golf, a batting cage, and even a few waterslides, though GPP has been closed since the early 1990s.

McDonald's / 2424 Cypress Creek Parkway
This McDonald's restaurant relocated here in 2000 from their old location at 15700 Kuykendahl.

Wings-N-Things / 2318 Cypress Creek Parkway
2318 FM 1960 has a build date according of 1970 according to HCAD with the first recorded tenant being Sambo's in 1974, a chain restaurant based out of California. Sambo's (as a chain) collapsed in the early 1980s due to allegations of racist imagery (though those problems really stemmed from the illustrations of the book it was based after being geographically incorrect) and poor corporate planning, though the California restaurant retained its original name until 2020. By December 1981, this location had become an antique store (Antique Gallerie), which lasted at least a few years. It served as Applebee's (then known as T.J. Applebee's) from 1984 to 1988, and very briefly Village Inn (1990-1991). In 1993 it re-opened as the home to sports bar and family restaurant Bleacher's All-American Grill and by 1998 it was Wings N More (so says the Houston Chronicle), yet it wasn't the Wings N More in Houston that later became BreWingz (it's a bit of a long story), and the store flipped back to Wings-N-Things by 2001.


Circle K / 2230 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W.
One of a rare breed of Circle K stores that opened in very early 2015 before the Corner Store acquisition, this Circle K (which changed to the "modern" logo just a few years after opening) replaced a long-vacant lot. Checkers opened here in 1994 but only operated until 1996. Prior to that it was Bammel Service Center (gas brand unknown) from 1979 to 1990. Circle K also replaced two smaller buildings at the shopping center (Corum Shopping Center) that were torn down around the time of the building of the Kuykendahl Road underpass.

2224 Cypress Creek Parkway
Woolco opened at 2224 FM 1960 in June 1979, bringing the total number of Woolco stores in the Houston area (along with a store at 12586 Westheimer) to 13, only to announce its closing a little more than three years later, with going out of business sales underway in fall 1982 with the last of its fixtures being auctioned off in January 1983. Later that year, part of the space (only about 50,000 square feet) became Front Row, which remained through most of the 1980s to move to 2206 FM 1960 to make room for Fiesta Mart #15, which opened in late 1989. The store closed in 1997 for a Randalls which opened in 1998. However, the store appeared to have been closed without much fanfare just a few years later. I previously wrote about this store at my old Albertsons blog.

Additionally, part of the space also became J. Brannam in 1980 (an off-price clothing store owned by Woolworth, often used some excess Woolco space), which closed in 1985.

Bargain Furniture / 2226 FM 1960 West
Bargain Furniture has been here since November 2017. It was formerly Cafe Pappadeaux (I'm not sure of any functional differences between it and Pappaddeaux Seafood Kitchen; in fact, the roadside marquee as of 2010 marked it as the latter) from 1987 to around 2010-2011, when it closed.

2025 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W
According to Yelp, this former Taco Cabana closed permanently in December 2018.

Pollo Regio / 1623 Cypress Creek Parkway
Krystal opened its only Houston location in 2006 and closed around 2012. It later reopened as Pollo Regio. John's July 2012 picture of the Krystal (closed, but looking largely like it did open) can be seen here.

17203 Bamwood Drive
This is a little bit off the beaten path and might be removed in a future update, but it's worth covering anyway.

In 1980, a gymnastics center at 17203 Bamwood was built, known as "Gym-n-i Gymnastics Center". In the early 1980s, recently defected Olympics team trainer Béla Károlyi invested in the gym and ended up buying it in 1982 (renaming it as "Karolyi's Gym") and spurring the creation of many similar facilities in the area. In 1996, the Bamwood facility was purchased by James Holmes of College Station and renamed Acrofit Gymnastics (more on Acrofit Gymnastics can be seen at Brazos Buildings & Businesses). Károlyi continued to operate Karolyi Ranch until it was shut down as part of the USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal. Around 2000 Acrofit opened a new facility at 2103 Anders Lane in Kemah, though I'm not sure if both locations co-existed at the same time (probably not) but this location was gone by 2004.

Today, the building houses High Energy Lighting Inc., which has since bought by/merged with Famous Stages, Inc. and is in use as their warehouse (their showroom is elsewhere in town).

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen / 1001 Cypress Creek Parkway
Opened late 2020 according to tax records, though as of mid-November 2020 wasn't quite ready yet.


This shopping center was built in 1993. Before it was built, an office building was at the corner of Cypress Station Drive and FM 1960 West. A PDF of the layout can be seen here.

Lucky Penny Cycles / 235 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W.
Part of a larger shopping center, this motorcycle dealership appears to be a former furniture store. Preliminary research shows it was Suniland Furniture from 1987 to 1994 and Louis Shanks Furniture from 1995 to the early 2010s.

JCI Grill / 101 Farm to Market 1960 Rd. W.
The last (first) address on FM 1960 West. This has been here since around 1980, and marks the end of FM 1960 West.

Beyond I-45, to the east is FM 1960 where the numbering resets to 0 and numbers up to the east, not to the west. FM 1960 proper won't be covered here, though there is interesting things to cover. The shopping center at the other end of the freeway once held Kroger Family Center (148 FM 1960) and later H-E-B Pantry (216 FM 1960), though at different times.

Just west of Lee Road, the road becomes FM 1960 Bypass Road (to differentiate from the old FM 1960 Business Road). It becomes FM 1960 Road East at I-69, and after FM 1960 Business Road ends at FM 1960 Bypass Road, the road goes down to four lanes. In Dayton, FM 1960 becomes West Clayton Street, and officially loses the FM 1960 name, becoming FM 1008 (East Clayton Street) east of North Cleveland Street. From there, it loops back and ends at Texas State Highway 321.

The Deerbrook Mall and the surrounding area at I-69 may be worth covering some day but as of this writing there's nothing on it. From older pages on this site, some work was done on explaining some changes. The At Home store at 9450 FM 1960 Bypass West opened as Garden Ridge in 2001 (next door to one of the Houston area's few Super Kmart stores), but it closed in 2004 when Garden Ridge went bankrupt. In 2005, it was purchased and reopened as Solid Rock Baptist Church. The church had big plans to expand and even opened "Bounce City" in the space but it struggled and by 2011 Solid Rock moved out entirely. In 2011, Garden Ridge reopened, and of course, in 2014 Garden Ridge rebranded to At Home. The shopping center at the southwest corner of I-69 and FM 1960 Bypass West has a Chick-fil-A that replaced a Steak & Ale that operated from 1973 to 2008, while the Hooters nearby is located in a former Red Lobster.

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