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Loop 610
Welcome to Loop 610, also known as I-610, which encircles the core of Houston. Despite the whole loop, the focus will be on the western part of the Loop. As this page was made primarily to connect the US-290 pages and Westheimer pages together, and moves counter-clockwise. To that end, it starts at West 18th Street to maintain continuity with the existing pages here, even though the exits don't line up. Version 5.0 adds Whataburger (at West 18th), Chevron (at Memorial Drive), 1177 West Loop North (with information on 1111 West Loop North), 2351 West Loop South (dual-brand IHG hotel), 6550 West Loop South, Philips 66 (at Beechnut), Russell & Smith Auto Group, Mobil/McDonald's (at South Main), Chacho's, McDonald's (at Fannin), YES Prep Public Schools Southside Campus (former Mangurian's/Trading Fair II), Whataburger (at Homestead Road), Mancuso Central Harley-Davidson, Whataburger (at Brinkman), Office Depot, and CVS/pharmacy (at Ella). It updates 8715 West Loop South, Arby's (at South Main--just mostly wording fixing), 3155 South Loop West (formerly titled as "Golden Corral"). CVS/pharmacy at Westheimer was removed (moved to this page). Version 5.1 (which was never published due to an error) fixes a few minor things (including rewriting the Robbin Bros. entry) and adds integration to East Freeway. Version 5.2 deals primarily with the new changes in the "Other Houston Roads" pages, adding or changing a few links. KFC (Ella) and The Park at Veracruz were added. YES Prep Public Schools Southside Campus was updated. Other minor corrections and formatting errors were fixed.


This is where we come in from Northwest Freeway.

Whataburger / 1718 West Loop North
This Whataburger restaurant dates back to the 1970s, though it appears it may have had a different address (associated with West 18th Street) prior to the 1980s.

Houston Garden Centers / 1700 West Loop North
This was Wolfe Nursery from 1988 to 1998, Houston Garden Centers purchased it in 1998 and still operates it to this day.

1111 West Loop North
Concrete plant for Williams Brothers Construction. In better days this was 1105 West Loop North and home to Malibu Castle (1979-1987), also known as Castle Fun Park, Malibu Grand Prix, and Malibu Family Entertainment Center (1105 and 1111 were both used by the late 1980s, presumably one for the go-kart track and another for the golf course). After a period as "Funwerks" around 2002-2004, it was closed and mostly torn down, briefly serving as Brazos Brick & Stone before the property was demolished in highway widening projects.

Goodwill Industries of Houston / 1140 West Loop North
The local Goodwill HQ (not a store). One of the few businesses that actually face 610 in this stretch.

Northwest Transit Center / 7373 Old Katy Road
The terminus of the HOV/HOT lane, a recent rebuilding of the center features a traffic circle instead of the old loops of the old center and new bus terminals for the new BRT line. Across the street is additional parking. This parking lot was the old location of 7200 Old Katy Road (later known as 1001 West Loop North). From a 1984 directory, this listed the following with all the same phone numbers for this address: Argo Sales Co., Phil Rich Fan Mfg., Rich Properties, Ventco Inc., H C Williams Mfg., and Windmaker Fan Company, but by 1991 it ceased manufacturing fans (presumably) and became Carolyn Thompson's Antique Center of Texas. In 2012 it moved to Northwest Mall and was demolished soon after. You can see some pictures of the building (closed by that time and awaiting demolition) at One of the things that plagued the antique mall for the first six years of its life or so was the presence of a railroad that ran parallel to Old Katy Road, and with the east parking lot connecting to a one-way road going south and the south entrance to Old Katy Road also crossing the railroad (yes, they had a private crossing into their own parking lot), sometimes customers would get "trapped" inside the property with slow-moving trains.


You can see the Katy Freeway section which starts from the top of the page or the Northwest Freeway page, which will start at the bottom.

Shell / 8602 Memorial Drive
This gas station dates back to 1971. The building for the gas station has a small food mart, a repair garage, and a car wash, all integrated with the structure.

Chevron / 8605 Memorial Drive
This was opened in late 1969 (or as late as January 1970) as an Enco gas station, and rebranded to Exxon by 1973 ("Memorial Exxon Car Care Center"). There were only about a dozen "Exxon Car Care Centers" in 1980 in the entire Houston area, and this was one of them. Around 2004, some changes came in-line. The Exxon name went away for a Chevron, a new canopy was built, and a new convenience store was built with a Pizza Inn inside. The garage continued as Memorial Car Care Center.

Uptown Park / 1121 Uptown Park Blvd.
The directory of this outdoor shopping center can be seen here (archived link). As a personal note, I'm pleased to see a Van Leeuwen shop opening here. Maybe I can try some of that Kraft Mac and Cheese flavor they've been talking about. Other (former) stores of note include Chammps Americana (closed in August 2016 in a parent company bankruptcy), which opened in 1999 with the rest of the center, and University Co-Op, an Austin UT store that closed in 2017.

1177 West Loop South
This 1978 office building (renovated 2020 on the inside) is 18 stories tall and features a parking garage with it. To the immediate north oif it was 1111 West Loop South. This building was completed in 1969 and was actually partially below the street level, looking out into the Bayou. While it was occupied by decades, last serving as Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists and Gulf Coast Animal Emergency Hospital as tenants. The building was completed in 1969. For a better description, check out this link for Houston Today (#35, "CRS Office Building").

Of course, "looking out into the bayou" could cause problems...owing to its unusual design, it appears that this building was completely flooded out in Hurricane Harvey and was demolished soon after.


Landry's Inc. / 1510 W. Loop S.
Landry's (headquartered here) not only operates a number of restaurant chains found in the Houston area, but other ventures including hotels and casinos.

Mastro's Steakhouse / 1650 West Loop South
Landry's has owned Mastro's since 2013, but it debuted in Houston in December 2017 in a luxury development just outside of their headquarters. This was not a coincidence--the CEO of Landry's helped develop the project.

Drury Inn / 1615 West Loop South
Officially known as Drury Inn & Suites Houston Near the Galleria as it is known officially, recently renovated inside and out (old view, note the electronic price sign hadn't been used probably even before it went over $100). The property has always been a Drury Inn since 1995.

Willie G's Seafood / 1640 West Loop South
Located across a driveway from Mastro's, Willie G's, another upscale Landry's concept, opened here in January 2018 and relocated from 1605 Post Oak Boulevard.

Ashley HomeStore / 4500 San Felipe Street
Circuit City #3233 opened in September 1996 and closed in early 2009 with the dissolution of the chain. Its replacement, Ashley Furniture HomeStore (as the chain was known back then) opened in summer 2010.

Jack in the Box / 4550 San Felipe Street
This Jack in the Box was opened around January 1997 and is open 24 hours a day, even when so many other establishments no longer are. (Drive-through only, though).

Royal Sonesta / 2222 West Loop South
Opened in 1984 as Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza (as the chain was known back then) and closed for an extensive renovation in the early 2000s for an InterContinental hotel (common ownership at the time), this has been Royal Sonesta Hotel since around 2012. Check out its page here, which contains a photo and map of the first level.

Robbins Bros. / 2101 West Loop South
This jewelry store chain store, specializing in engagement and wedding rings, has been here since 2006. It repainted its exterior in the mid-2010s.

Public Storage / 2303 West Loop South
Originally Safeguard Safe Storage when it was built in 2000, and became part of the Public Storage chain a few years later. It is a single building with three stories.

2351 West Loop South
This dual-brand Staybridge Suites and Holiday Inn Express (both operated by IHG Hotels & Resorts) opened in spring 2021 (source).

2425 West Loop South
Office tower which most notably the home of Stage Stores Inc. (on the outside of the building), before it went out of business in 2020. It had already been struggling prior to COVID, with its attempt to convert all of its legacy brands it owned (Bealls, Palais Royal, Peebles, Goody's, and Stage) into the off-price Gordmans brand, but COVID-19 did it in. It is currently unknown when Stage Stores moved to this location.


You can find the Westheimer Road page here, heading west with at least 60 entries out to Beltway 8, and many more to come. Additional entries (Inner Loop) can be seen on this page.

Velvet Taco / 2626 West Loop South
Located in the parking lot area of Joske's (later Dillard's) and built as a Roy Rogers Roast Beef around 1969, this restaurant survived the bankruptcy of its original franchisee, Ram-Hart Systems, but not for long, and it closed sometime in the 1970s. According to forums, it became Charlie's Hamburgers and later still, after a period of vacancy, it became Houston 420, a head shop, though a summer 2003 article refers to Houston 420 being a cyber café with no mention of its former use. I'm guessing this was a new business that moved in without bothering to change any signage.

Zone D'Erotica moved in during 2004 and for years, their location here was "celebrated" as an example of Houston's lack of zoning laws, but was an eyesore in what was real estate-wise an upscale area (the increasing homeless population milling around the area didn't help). In June 2019 it closed.

Velvet Taco opened in January 2021. Architecturally the building was restored closer to what it originally was, but Velvet Taco added garish colors like bright pink columns and green walls.

Brookdale Senior Living Solutions - Galleria / 2929 Post Oak Boulevard
This opened as Guest Quarters in 1978, an all-suite hotel (210 suites, 16 floors) and later known unofficially as Guest Quarters-Post Oak when a new location off of Westheimer in 1982. In 1984, however, this hotel closed and reopened as "The Hampton at Post Oak", a high-rise retirement home, in 1985. In 2015, The Hampton at Post Oak changed its name to just Brookdale Senior Living Solutions presumably due to a trademark dispute from Hilton...the current owners of Guest Quarters' successor name.

Post at Afton Oaks / 3131 West Loop South
Based on Google Earth, this modern apartment building looks like it was completed in very late 2016. The hotel that was here was demolished here was demolished in spring 2014, and had a long history. It was originally a Holiday Inn ("Holiday Inn West Loop" to differentiate from other Houston Holiday Inn hotels) from the late 1960s up until 1995, when it was converted to The Courtyard by Marriott ("Courtyard Marriott Galleria") in the fall of that year.

During 2006 it converted back to a Holiday Inn ("Holiday Inn Near the Galleria"), perhaps the last hotel to use the 1980s-era Holiday Inn logo, before being reflagged in 2011 as Hotel 31, which maybe lasted for a year before it closed the doors on the hotel for good.

5005 Richmond Avenue
This former Chick-fil-A (closed due to ROW issues) has gotten a dedicated page at this very site a while back, in the "Marie Callender's" update. Before it was Chick-fil-A (which I ate at in November 2016, for what it's worth), before it was Marie Callender's (which was torn down for aforementioned Chick-fil-A), it was an apartment complex before it was redeveloped with the Best Buy.

5133 Richmond Avenue
This Best Buy opened in 1995 but in 2012 the store was sub-divided to add a store-within-a-store (I believe it is connected interior-wise), Pacific Kitchen & Home.

From this point on in the list, we'll be covering only a few select objects (more select than the places already covered).


The Home Depot / 5445 West Loop South
This Home Depot store opened in March 1994.

Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine / 5505 West Loop South
This was a Conn's Appliance store from 1999 to 2015.

Houston Community College - West Loop Campus / 5601 West Loop South
This building was opened in September 1995 as an Incredible Universe, a Tandy Corporation concept with 185,000 square feet of space all dedicated to electronics. Unfortunately, they pulled the plug on the chain in 1997 (couldn't make a profit despite being wildly popular), and within a few years, this reopened as a branch of Houston Community College, with little remaining but some exterior elements. Read up on the linked page to Houston Historic Retail--you won't regret it.

6550 West Loop South
This office building, once wholly occupied by AT&T, now is "sponsored" by UTHealth Houston after giving the building a nice whitewashing.

Phillips 66 / 4702 Beechnut Street
From current research, this was originally a Texaco and eventually rebranded as a Citgo in 2003. A restaurant space was added sometime around this point but did not appear to be used as a branded operation, just taquerias and would briefly be MetroPCS in the mid to late 2010s. In 2018 this went away as the entire building was renovated as "Q Mart" with a Philips 66 gas brand.

Lowe's / 4645 Beechnut Street
This served as Sage discount department store from approximately 1964 to 1983. Sage was a discount store that utilized a number of leased departments (Kmart also did in its early days, though not to the extent of Sage), and already by 1973 the attached grocery store (Sage Grocery) was going under United Food Centers (no relation to any existing company as far as this website can tell). The early 1980s also had the garden center department disconnect (first as "Sage's Red Barn Nurseries" then simply "Red Barn Nurseries"). The pharmacy still operated through the end of 1983, and the center seems to have liquidated in December 1983. By April 1984, the greenhouse still operated as Parade Nurseries (which had two other locations in Houston) though it closed in May. In July 1984, Home-Pro Warehouses out of San Antonio opened. By February 1985, it was known as Builders Square following the company's sale to Kmart Corporation.

It closed in 1999 with the rest of the Houston stores after the spin-off of the chain in 1997. In 2001 the site was demolished and Lowe's opened on the site in 2002, also closing off Indigo Street which ran to the south of the store.

8715 West Loop South
In October 1992, Kmart opened a PACE Membership Warehouse to complement Builder's Square to the immediate north. Lasting for just about 14 months, Kmart sold the chain a little more than a year later to Wal-Mart Stores, but this store was closed and liquidated with no replacement. Hobby Lobby opened in 1996 and takes up the left third of the building, K&G Superstore operates the middle half (opened 2000), and Planetary Cycles opened in 2012. More on the history in the building in a future update. The blank area closest to Jackwood was an Outback Steakhouse at 8731 West Loop South. It closed in January 2017 and was torn down later that year.

Starbucks / 4660 N. Braeswood Blvd.
This Starbucks Coffee site opened in July 2016. The Citgo station it replaced was torn down in 2013, and was at one time an Exxon (when it changed to Citgo is unknown, but sometime around or after 1993).


Raintree Inn & Suites / 3675 S. Loop W.
Cheap motel that opened in 2006. When it originally opened, it was half the size it is now. The side closest to the freeway was built in 2009.

Russell & Smith Auto Group / 3440 S. Loop West
Russell & Smith Ford has been here since December 1970. At some point Mazda was added to this facility (their Honda dealership is just east of here). The newspaper mentions an "old timer" theme with the opening festivities, with a 1915 Ford car and other relics on display, a barbershop quartet, a banjo band, and free snacks (ice cream, cookies, popcorn, and hot wassail).

Whataburger / 9955 South Main Street
Also known as 9955 Main Street, this Whataburger was built in 1989 and rebuilt in 2000. The corner is pretty sketchy though.

Mobil/McDonald's / 9805 S. Main Street
This gas station was built in the late 1990s or early 2000s. The convenience store is now Timewise and because of Shell's purchase of that chain, it may have converted to a Shell by the time you read this.

Taco Bell / 3155 South Loop West
This Taco Bell restaurant opened in January 1999.

Arby's / 3055 South Loop West
The 2010s had a renaissance of Krispy Kreme in the Houston area and construction began in 2015 for a Krispy Kreme in the parking lot of Golden Corral (which of course was open at that time). However, for whatever reason, the construction was mostly finished but it never opened (rumors were something was wrong with the actual building). It remained built not finished out after two years of construction. By January 2018 it opened as an Arby's (may have been open the last week of December 2017), store number 8610.

3155 South Loop West
Golden Corral (#2446) opened here in 2002 but has been closed since COVID. Even into June 2022 the sign was still up and the website says "operations temporarily suspended" though has been boarded up for a while at this point.

Chacho's / 2700 South Loop West
This was a Bennigan's from 1982 to 2008. Chacho's has been here since mid-2009, and it's still 24 hours.

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen / 2525 South Loop West
Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen opened its fourth location here in 1990.

Pappasito's Cantina / 2515 South Loop West
This Pappas-owned Mexican restaurant chain opened in 1991.

Cavender's Boot City / 2505 South West Loop
This Cavender's Boot City opened in 1990 and still has the original block-letter logo on the building itself (though the highway sign is the "smiling neon cowboy" mentioned in the Northwest Freeway page).

Davis Chevrolet / 2277 South Loop West
This car dealership moved here in 1993, and originally had some warehouses behind it that were part of another property built in the 1970s (these have since been demolished). Just to the east of it was AstroWorld, the real AstroWorld (not anything associated with a misanthropic rap artist that will encourage rowdiness and not care when eight people get trampled to death...we're not naming names here)...and before its closure in October 2005, the rides were easily visible from the Loop. You can see my page on it here.

McDonald's / 1619 S. Loop West
McDonald's opened here in summer 1989. It renovated to the current prototype in late 2016.

Houston Grub Park / 1615 South Loop West
This food truck park is set up in an abandoned Sam's Club parking lot. The Sam's Club opened in March 1988 as Sam's Wholesale Club (later the "Wholesale" name was dropped) but it continued for almost thirty years in its 100,000+ square foot space. In January 11, 2018, this Sam's Club closed without much notice along with 62 other Sam's Club stores nationwide.


YES Prep Public Schools Southside Campus / 5515 S. Loop E.
YES Prep (charter school whose headquarters were built right next door at 5455 South Loop East) built a grades 6-11 charter school, the Southside campus here in the late 2010s. Originally, it was Mangurian's Furniture Showcase & Distribution Center, based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, but originated out of Rochester, New York. It opened in December 1971 but its parent company pulled the plug on the 176,000 square feet store in spring 1974.

In the summer of 1979, the former Mangurian's reopened as Trading Fair II, an indoor flea market (Trading Fair I was originally at Town & Country Village and later at North Shepherd and Crosstimbers. Ultimately, there were four--Trading Fair III at 12236 Gulf Freeway, and Trading Fair IV at 630 West Little York.) Promising goods that were from beyond Houston, Trading Fair II advertised in even the tourist guides in the late 1980s.

At some point, an arena (aka 610 Arena) was built inside for live events (boxing, concerts, etc.), but it never had any big names, mostly amateurs and locals. While Trading Fair II closed in 2008 (it seems the other Trading Fairs closed around this time), it was far more successful than Mangurian's had been.

Direct Scaffold Supply / 6059 South Loop East
This building was built and opened in December 1969 as the very first Target store in the Houston area (but not the first store in Texas, a Garland store beat it by a few months). Like many discount stores of the time, it had an adjoining grocery store with the discount store name's but not operated by it, in this case, "Target Foods" was operated by Weingarten. It's shockingly low store number (T-15) was an indicator of its age with less than two dozen Target stores in the entire chain when it opened. In 1987, with Target as a chain grown substantially with 14 others in Houston alone, parent company Dayton-Hudson decided to close the store, citing that return-of-investment reasons (losing money, either through shoplifting or lack of business).

In November 1990, "Flea Market of America" opened at the site and by 1994 was known as Eastmart Indoor Flea Market. It was also sub-divided with 50-Off Store, which also occupied a space in 1991. 50-Off Store renamed to LOT$OFF in 1998 but it ended up closing soon after. In 1981, Target Foods (6063 South Loop East) became Weingarten, but Weingarten sold out in 1984, with Rice Food Markets taking over. It appears that Rice then closed the store in 1988 for its new concept, Price Buster Foods, which ran until 1996.

From September 2000 to May 2003 it was Auchan (which absorbed the Price Buster Foods space), but save for some temporary uses like FEMA using it in 2008, never saw use again until Direct Scaffold Supply in early 2016. This is the best that I can understand the building chronology. It's possible that Auchan and LOT$OFF may have co-existed at one point early on, and I'm not sure the chronology of the grocery store side, either.

There was also a Wendy's restaurant in the parking lot (6137 South Loop East) that operated from 1986 to around 2012, at which point it was boarded up and flattened a few years later.

Sunoco / 6155 S. Loop E. Fwy.
This gas station was built in 2005 as a Chevron with a Stripes convenience store. The gas portion converted to Sunoco around 2014-2015 and the convenience store converted to a 7-Eleven sometime between March 2021 and March 2022. It has a Laredo Taco Company inside.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore / 6161 South Loop East
The current tenant is part of a Habitat for Humanity-owned chain that sells salvaged building supplies. Fun City Toys (later Playworld Fun City after Lionel Corporation bought the chain) opened here originally in 1978. It was the successor to the Kids' Kounty chain (see the Katy Freeway page) and closed in 1982 with the other three stores in Houston as part of new parent company's Lionel bankruptcy filing. From 1984 to 2001 it was a location of Weiner's, and reopened as its current use in 2004.

Spanky's / 4659 Telephone Road
The address of 4659 Telephone Road was originally some sort of nightclub (Tomba Nightclub in the 1960s, then "Remember When" in the 1970s). In the late 1980s, Whataburger had assumed the address and a small drive-through was located at the site (the nightclub spot was probably demolished). By the early 2000s, Whataburger was gone, and the building was incorporated into a new Gabby's barbecue restaurant. This required the demolition of a gas station at the corner of Telephone Road and Loop 610, with Gabby's also re-using the signage structures. In early 2014, Gabby's closed.

Meanwhile, Spanky's was located next to the gas station (later Gabby's) at 7210 South Loop East and had been so since 1976. After Gabby's closed, they moved into the building in December 2014. This move was supposed to be seamless, but in September 2014, a fire ravaged the building, forcing it to close a few months before the Gabby's construction was finished. About a year later, the old Spanky's building was demolished.

The Park at Veracruz / 3499 Evergreen Drive
It's set back from the road a good deal but the apartments here (formerly known as Evergreen Apartments) were once part of the Carrousel Motor Hotel, demolished in the 1980s. (I have to extend credit to Lileks for pointing out the existence of the motel).


You can see more on the Gulf Freeway continuing southeast here. As I was primarily focused on the west side of Houston, the east side of town will be covered very lightly.

Portway Plaza / 1717 Turning Basin Drive
Small, four-story office building built in 1979 with some interior updates in the early 2000s.


I wasn't kidding when I said that the West Loop area would get better coverage than the rest of the loop, which is why about a third of the Loop only has only two entries. Sure, there's interesting parts like the Anheuser-Busch brewery and the East Freeway, which leads out to Louisiana. Despite that, a small section has been written for it with eight entries.

Love's Travel Center / 3940 N. McCarty Street
Opened in 2004, this popular Love's sits on a bit of an odd, tight lot (it doesn't directly touch the corner of I-610 and McCarty) and features an Arby's inside.

Whataburger / 7001 N. Loop East
When Whataburger #550 opened here in 1992, it was the first development on the northeast corner beyond the warehouses nearby. Today, there are two hotels behind the restaurant.


Western Inn / 1500 N. Loop
This rough-looking motel has gone under this name since at least 1982. It was originally a Holiday Inn (Holiday Inn Central Houston) when it opened in the mid-1960s.

Mancuso Central Harley-Davidson / 535 North Loop
This motorcycle dealership opened in summer 2008 (it started out as Mancuso Harley-Davidson c. 1990), became another name for a while and eventually regained it). There's no access from North Main, right turn out only.

Whole Foods Market / 101 N. Loop W.
Part of the Yale Marketplace shopping center, this store, still branded as "365 by Whole Foods Market" (before new parent company Amazon merged it in with others) opened August 2018 as a limited service version of Whole Foods with fewer service departments and lower prices. In its early days it offered an outlet of Peli Peli Kitchen and Juice Society, both through a program called "Friends of 365" that allowed local outside brands to operate within 365 stores. However, these have since closed down and replaced with a sandwich bar and juice bar, respectively.

The store officially opened August 22, 2018.

Ventura's Bridal Fashions / 102 North Loop West
Originally built c. 1980 as a warehouse for Ventura's Formal Wear (locally-based tuxedo shop, found in malls), this eventually became Ventura's Bridal Fashions (even as of 2011, "Ventura's Bridal Salon" and still advertising tuxedos on the sign).

Burger King / 2803 Yale Street
Burger King restaurant built in 1999. Prior to this it was a small used car lot.

El Rey Cuban & Mexican Cuisine / 233 N. Loop West
Opened in early 2017 and moved from a location off Ella. Sells tacos and tortas, as well as a few other items.

Starbucks / 445 N. Loop W.
This Starbucks opened in April 2007. It replaced a Shell gas station and reuses the highway signage.


This section starts, with a page going north and south on North Shepherd.

Taco Cabana / 700 North Loop West
One of the earliest Taco Cabana restaurants in Houston, opened by April of 1992 (not sure when it originally opened) but it was built as a Taco Cabana as opposed to a certain Houston-based knockoff sold to Taco Cabana later.

Shell / 801 North Loop West
The old Shell station at 801 North Loop West dated back to 1975 and was torn down in 2018, remaining vacant for almost a year before construction on a new Shell station began in 2019 and opened later that year, anchored by a "Checkout" convenience store (the old station had a car servicing garage). It was a Texaco prior to a Shell (gaining the brand around 2003 as with other Texaco stations).

The Home Depot / 999 North Loop West
Despite confusing access from Durham and Shepherd, the Home Depot has been here since 1993. An expansion in 2005-2006 added a new expansion and pickup area to the south side of the store, though the expansion doesn't connect the parking lot to West 26th Street.

Whataburger / 905 N. Loop West
This Whataburger is a little hard to get in and out of (no access from Brinkman) and has been since around 1999.

Office Depot / 1401 N. Loop W.
This Office Depot is not particularly accessible or visible from Loop 610, but it's been here since 2009. - Office supply store Chain selling office & school supplies, electronics & furniture (most featuring a copy center).Houston, TX 77008 Circa-1950 fast-food chain for counter-serve burgers, some stacked with multiple patties.

Lowe's / 1521 N. Loop West
Lowe's opened in the year 2000. Later on, a Murphy Express gas station (commonly associated with, but not owned by Walmart) built in the parking lot.

Thomas Bar-B-Q / 1503 N. Loop West
This barbecue restaurant has been here since 1988.

CVS/pharmacy / 1525 N. Loop West
This replaced a Shell station in 2013 (the Shell station was not accessible from the adjacent parking lots). The Murphy Express was built in the Lowe's parking lot as a "replacement".

KFC / 1526 North Loop West
Located at the northeast corner of North Loop and Ella, from the 1970s until around 2001-2002, this was a Shell (something that Houston retail historians would refer to as a "Hexashell" due to its roof canopy shape). In 2002 it was redeveloped as a KFC/A&W (and as of 2008 still featured the old Shell highway signage to advertise) but in the early 2010s was renovated, ditching the A&W co-brand due to the separation of A&W from KFC parent Yum! Brands.


Ella Boulevard has been added to Carbon-izer as a section of Other Houston Roads with a number of fast food restaurants extending north.

Citadel / 2220 Pinegate
This apartment building (billing themselves as luxury apartments, their website is here) that broke ground sometime in late 2017 or early 2018, finishing in 2019. It is another of the "Texas doughnut" apartment building style that has been multiplying since the late 2000s, and in this case regrettably replaced an empty lot full of pine trees.

Denny's / 2120 N. Loop West
This Denny's has been here since 1975.

Antone's / 2724 West T. C. Jester Blvd.
This stand-alone Antone's restaurant (opened as Antone's Import Company) has been here since around September 1979 and currently is the only stand-alone restaurant in the chain.

Antone's has a somewhat complicated history; at some point, there was a split and dispute over the name, each side claiming to be the "legitimate" successor, etc. and at some point I'll make a full page on it. I believe that the "other" Antone's has either renamed or gone out of business, but that requires more research.

Further south on I-610 (or would be toward the top of the page) is 1205 West Loop North, which I couldn't actually find (it seems the building is extant but renamed). This is where the "Antone's Commissary" is, and is where the sandwiches sold in supermarkets (Houston, Austin, Dallas) are.

On a personal note, for the amount of ingredients (and lack of fresh ingredients), it's overpriced but I've enjoyed them in a pinch. The "Chow-Chow" is a nice touch and it's much better choice than what 7-Eleven usually has.

Applebee's / 2959 N. Loop W.
This Applebee's was opened in 2007.

Sheraton Houston Brookhollow / 3000 North Loop West
This hotel was built around 1979 and assumed its current name in 1998. I previously wrote about this hotel here at The Houston Files.

That's it! Loop 610 has made a complete revolution, or if you start here, can go the other way back up.

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