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Rather than go to all the fuss of trying to cram a translation of Magic John into the ROM, I figured it'd be best just to throw up the original Japanese version untouched side-by-side with the American release and write a translation beneath. I want an accurate translation of Magic John to compare with Totally Rad, after all. I did my best to stay fairly literal with the translation, the better to contrast with Rad's endearing excesses.

Also, I've made animated gifs whenever the localization has altered graphics work. Just click on the picture to see the animation. I even went and moved some of the Rad graphics back over to the right to line them up better with the original art. Aren't I a sweetie?

First, the intro:

Magic John
Totally Rad
Distressing your offspring since 1988!

It's the Super Magician, Mr. Pong!

...angry ticks fire out of my nipples!
yeah, then how come you don't Master Magic your FACE?

"Mr. Pong" has been given the oddly gnarly name of "Zebediah". I've gathered from information on the net that his full name in the manual is in fact Zebediah Pong, so they kept that much (and in fact, that's why I went with "Pong" in my translation). Otherwise, he seems to have made the cultural leap intact. Will this trend continue...?

Magic John
Totally Rad
What, is Mr. Pong their messiah all of a sudden?


That's more like it.

Hmm. Mischief is afoot.

I notice in Rad that they raised the height of the chair behind the girl to fit the perspective. A nice touch, I guess.

Magic John
Totally Rad


It's, um...Eleanor Roosevelt?
I don't know.  Just stop staring at me.

Is Mr. Pong really going to let you be his apprentice?

I mean, I LIKE Eleanor Roosevelt.  I'm just saying.

And we're off. Our heroes' respective girlfriends. I definitely like Allison better than Yuu there; the nice shadowing gives her face a lot more depth. Well, that and she looks a bit less like her mother drank glue during pregnancy. You'll notice that, as is often the case, the translation of Rad is actually fairly accurate; it's just been rewritten through some sort of desperate surf-lingo filter.

Magic John
Totally Rad
I am a precious moppet!

You bet!

And together...
Look!  My cheeks!  They glisten!

I'm gonna be a Super Magician, just like Mr. Pong!

...we're WYLD STALLYNS!!

And our heroes finally show their noble countenances. John, as always, looks like a dork, while Jake comes out not too bad. Though, uh, buddy, you've got a little blue chunk on your right cheek there. Yeah. Right there.

Magic John
Totally Rad
Dude, I want a magic john.  It wouldn't go Flush, it'd go *FLZZZZZRRRRRK* Cowabunga!

The title screens, both of which look pretty good. The Japanese version gets a cute little blue Jaleco logo.

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