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Magic John
Totally Rad
Yuu in her waitress pose.


'One of our dudettes will be right with you to take your order.'

Allison seems to have picked up a bit of a beard in captivity.

Magic John
Totally Rad
Embrace me, you towering hunk of cherubic impotence.

John, I was so scared.

Mostly 'cuz of that creepy smirk you're giving me.
Hey, didn't her bow used to be blue?

My dad got taken off by those monsters.

Yeah, I know.  Parents are so lame.
Smiling and nodding vaguely, John stares at something over there.

He'd been trying to save me...

We'll get you a new one, honey.
Way to look out for your dad, Allison.

I like the massive grip of death John/Jake has on his girlfriend's wrist. Her fingers are even splayed out at this weird angle...that's gotta hurt.

I'm also wondering what happened to Jake's right arm. Now that his hand's no longer there, what are those weird lines on her shoulder? I'm not sure the cleaning-up job was the best here. In fact, the characters don't look much like their big portraits...I get the feeling there were a few different artists doing the Rad work.

Magic John
Totally Rad
I am amazed!  I stand like this now!


Yes way, Ted!
So don't give me that crap, Yuu.

Your dad's the best scientist in the world!

Is it just me, or is Allison's forearm hideously bloated?  What were they DOING to her?
This vexes me.  I am vexed.

So it was your dad they really wanted.

Totally Mad

Because, you know, the Coast is the world.

What on earth is with Allison's hair there? And Jake's Leno chin? I think this is the other artist again.

Magic John
Totally Rad
See, now it's blue again!

Please, save my dad!

Hint.  Hint hint.
Somewhere, Yuu's father weeps.

All right, just leave it to me!

He's a lug, but she loves him just the same.
I am so SMART.

I love this.

Magic John
Totally Rad

Enemies attack from the darkest shadows! Stay on your toes, John!


Pretty much the same. They even made sure to correct the shoes.

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