The Rad Project, Page 10

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The great beast has crumbled! What awaits our intrepid youths?

Magic John
Totally Rad
Ifa!  Is that you?


Hajeeshmatay.  Watashee wah California-jin desoo.

Oh-oh-oh-oh, what's that?! Is that a maru (Japanese period) I spy falling from Jake's lips? Why, Jake, you kidder! Ace skateboarder, gnarly surfer, and a master of foreign tongues? You renaissance dude, you.

Magic John
Totally Rad
Yuu's father?  This explains much.


Totally Dad
Cue the violins.


You are Science, I am Magic.  En garde!
I found not seeing him perfectly righteous, personally.
See, he can't believe it either.

Are you the one who saved me?

What's wrong with his hand?  Is he holding an invisible detonator or what?
Yessir Professor, 'twas all to impress her!


Jake, that's rude.
Only so I could get in your daughter's pants, but still.
Don't remind us.

The inane banter of Magic John gets deftly skewered by Rad's scriptwriter.

Magic John
Totally Rad
If you insist.

Take a look!

Purple mountains majesty
I only see one leg each.  Did John maim them?

The underground people are going back home.

That'll teach them to pursue cross-cultural understanding!
Better known as Mixmaster E Dawg.

They were simply provoked by Edogy.

Good thing they forgive Jake for slaughtering half their population.
But now, thanks to you, they're doomed.

They might actually be the original inhabitants of this earth...

Jake can only think of the legendary jumps his skateboard could make on that staircase.

Edogy, one must assume, was the evil dark professor-abducting king John/Jake just killed. Nice of them to tell us now.

Magic John
Totally Rad
Yuu spoils another Moment.

Dad!! John!!

Jad!  Dake!  Wait...where was I?
Dad, quit suckling my bow.

Dad, I'm so glad you're safe.

In Japanese, the word for 'to embrace' can also mean 'to sleep with'.
Damn!  I'll never seduce him with her around!

Yuu! What are you doing here?

Geez, shut up about your dumb dad already, will ya?
Let me guess, more genocide?
She's used to following weird old men around, so it was no big deal.

Master Pong brought me here.

Like, duh.

Yeah, 'cause, you know, they're in California, 'cause they're, like, dudes.

Magic John
Totally Rad
Staring contest!

John, thank you so much.

Totally Glad
That's right, Monkey Man.


Sore fur?
What, your precious Telepathy isn't good enough anymore?

No problem. But where's Master Pong?

That's no way to refer to your sensei.

You know, I saw a horrible fansub of Magic Knight Rayearth once. At least, I'm assuming it was a fansub. The biggest problem was that the translator decided to that the affectionate Japanese name suffix "-chan" had to be rendered "-ster" in English. Every time.

"Fuu-ster!" "Umi-ster!"
"Fuu-ster!" "Umi-ster!"

And I'm like NO! BAD! WRONG! YOU SUCK!, but it just kept doing it. So don't do that.

And that's my "ster" story. Nothing really to do with Rad; I just thought you should know. Now where is the Zebster, anyway...?

Where, indeed?