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Magic John
Totally Rad
That's my name, don't wear it out.


Evil Sans Pants
But won't that lower John's Magic Points?

We'll communicate using telepathy from now on.

Or, in her words, 'stolen or something'.
No I wasn--Oh.

Yuu was abducted by our enemies.

I've BEEN using it, hosenard.
Oh, such as that 'Bisect Moustache' spell?

Use well the magic I have taught you

And what if I don't?
Everyone Sob Politely

to save her.

Flattery will get you everywhere, honeysuckle.
I bet you say that to all your strapping young apprentices.

Your magic has grown stronger than before.

Eat Stupid People
Your MOUTH'll be ineffective if you don't zip it, buster.

You will find that some magic is ineffective, so think well before you use it.

My teachings were shameless lies!  Tee hee!
Elegy: Sad Poem

Don't let your guard down, and keep fighting!

Ebonics Schools Prosper

In a valiant effort to use "bogus", I think the translator kinda missed the point of Pong's message. He's just saying that some magic will be more useful than other magic in certain places, but the English version kinda just makes you scared to use any magic for fear that it'll, I dunno, go Pop and tear your ear off or something.

Magic John
Totally Rad
Mark Kistler?

Yuu has been kidnapped! Hurry and rescue her!

Nice croissant.  I mean hair.

Look closely at the anigif for this one. Ignore the ugly Allison-head art. Look at how they actually specifically went in and filled out Allison's breast by a couple pixels. What the heck? I mean, seriously.

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