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Magic John
Totally Rad
Run, Forrest, run!

Master Pong, do we have to keep running?

Yeah, 'cause like, exercise is bogus.
You know, if that scarf ever caught on something you might have a real mess.

I wanna learn magic!

Jake plans to have totally tubular coronary disease by the age of 31.

The scriptwriter freely elaborates, as per usual. Jake's outfit is modified to make him more Excellent.

Magic John
Totally Rad
So are those his top teeth or his bottom teeth?


Big words coming from a floating head.
...or both?

Even magicians need strong bodies!

Ohh, so that's what happened.
I think he ought to get that left cheek looked at.

As you practice and amass experience, your magic will grow more powerful.

Somehow.  Just trust me on this one.
I'll thank you to stop smiling at me.

You'll thank me later for sure when you give it a go!


Again, typically, the scriptwriter sticks in whatever goofball phrases come to his or her mind.

Magic John
Totally Rad
His darling little hair tuft is caked with sweat.

All right, but I'm exhausted.

His potential level has fallen to Gagsome.
Somehow, I am not cheered.

Keep going, John!

I just wanna be brave for my horrible frigid unsupportive girlfriend!
That may be his problem, Yuu.

I'm behind you all the way!


Allison is an obviously an empowered '80s girlfriend, as opposed to the vapid Yuu.

Magic John
Totally Rad
So it's easy for Yuu to say?

That's easy for you to say, Yuu.

I give them two weeks.
The power of BLEACH My blue dot calms me in this time of crisis.
Nuclear testing?

Wh-what was that?

Hay is for horses!

Goodness me!

Magic John
Totally Rad
Go purple guy!  Go purple guy!

John is suddenly attacked. Who could be behind it?

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K!

And it's time for action! The "ACT 1" letters are actually the same colors; they just cycle and I can't be bothered to sync them up. The "Zap!" has been moved over a bit in Rad, and, oddly enough, the Z has had a corner trimmed, among other tweaks. Huh. Jake has something most righteous on his wrist, but I can't tell what, unless it's just wrinkly. (Update: Skrybe informs me that it's probably one of those slap-on wristband-bracelet-things. Stylin'!)

Magic John
Totally Rad
It's the Adventures of Blue Speedo Man! Oh yeah, I recognize this.  It's just south of Malibu.
Cute fish. Be like Drac--trust THE PUMP (tm)

Gameplay is essentially the same. Some enemies do more damage in Totally Rad, and some of the continue spots are further back as well. The player sprites, of course, are all appropriately redrawn. Also, the spell to change back to human form has a different icon. John's trademark cap had to go (hey, where are the wings?), and so we get Jake's trademark, which are his rad sneaks, I guess.

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