The Rad Project, Page 6

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Magic John
Totally Rad
Yes, my liege.

John. mustard on their toast?
...have an excellent book out on women socialists in prewar Japan?

The people who kidnapped Yuu's father...

R. Crumb?

...come from deep underground!

Ain't that always the case.
They have U-Forc--oh, screw it.

They have advanced technology,

You know, I've had this project done for like two weeks,
except for these freaking ALT tags!

but there is much they do not know of humans.

Row after row of these blasted identical pictures of Zebediah Pong...
I can only make so many cracks about his face before it gets lame(r).

That is why they wanted Yuu's father.

This MST3K crap is HARD, let me tell you.
And the built-in redundancy between the John and Rad scenes doesn't help.

Your magic has surpassed even mine.

And I'm mostly out of Bill and Ted references, the ones I can remember, at least.
I suppose you've grown weary of my nonsense and don't even read these anymore.

I have nothing more to teach you.

Here, I'll teach you a Japanese round: ~ KAERU NO UTA GA ~
(Now you come in from the beginning.) ~ KIKOETE KURU YO ~

Make good use of your power, and fight!

~ GWA! GWA! GWA! GW--Whoops, back to business.

I guess the translator thought the scene was too boring, so we get this random insult from out of nowhere. Works for me. Note that Rad's Zebediah says "They don't know much about us," not "humans" as in the original. This is still plausible, but it's still a difference of some significance, for reasons that I dare not reveal!

Magic John
Totally Rad
Dude, the cave just extravasated all over you.

A cave leading to the enemy base. Be brave, John!

Cave Story (Eh, you wish, Jake.)

Nothing much to say here. Whooooshh.

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