The Rad Project, Page 8

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Finally, our hero of choice has made it to the final confrontation. What shocking secrets shall come to light?

Magic John
Totally Rad
Nice to meet you, little girl.  ZING!

Welcome, little boy.

Totally Bad
Why?  Are you a Space Invader?

Did you learn those powers from Pong?

That's nothing, wait till you see Allison.
They had a No Ugly Weirdos law.

He is a traitor who was banished from our underground kingdom.

Tut-tut.  Jaleco, see me after class.
Whatever you say, O pink-mantled one.

Now I shall wipe out the both of you!

Ah, Mr. Duncanthrax, I presume.
You know, a sword like that must be compensation for something.
N/A test out of Linear Algebra!

Whatever insights the scriptwriter may have into the cadences of wicked-villain speech, they're kind of undermined by the big glaring typo in the middle of it.



Well? Will righteousness prevail?