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Magic John
Totally Rad
Umm, yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

The enemy base now lies before you. Keep your guard up and fight.

Who's this 'we'?  You've done butt-all.
Yuu who?  Cindy Loo Hoo?

Here's a message from Yuu.

Both at once?  I can't handle that.
My girlfriend's giving you a WHA--Oh.

Nothing too exciting here...

Magic John
Totally Rad
Hey, aren't you out of the plot yet?


Cool.  Magic your mouth shut.
Don't strain your pretty little head, honey.

I'm practicing magic, too!

Um, yeah.  Far out.
But John doesn't.

I'll be right there to save Dad with you, John, so wait for me!

~ Lonely rivers flow / to the sea, to the sea... ~
I guess Zeb's not pulling any punches with Allison's training.
At least, I hope this is part of her training.
Dear Jake: Sorry, but while you were gone, I totally found myself.

...But here we see the scriptwriter totally going off on a weird. I'm surprised Nintendo let this through, actually; you'd think they'd worry it'd encourage kids to asphyxiate themselves in old chests and whatnot.

Magic John
Totally Rad
He's not bad, his Rrummbly tummy just makes him cranky.

We're finally here! Take 'em down with all you got!

In that storm?  This game DOES want to kill me.

Ahh, the blissful apathy of American youth. Ugly professor-snatching cave-dwellers are evil, yeah, but the beach is callin' me, man.

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