The Rad Project, Page 9

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Magic John
Totally Rad
Yeah!  Suck it, winghead! You killed Ted, you medieval dickweed!

Our heroes are crushed, crushed like bugs made of crushy stuff!

Magic John
Totally Rad
Life is full of choices.  This is one of them.

John, do better next time.

Why do you need this guy's permission to continue anyway?

Now, if you choose Yes...

Magic John
Totally Rad
Um, this is John we're talking about.  Don't get your hopes up.

One more time! Don't fail me now!

You're all the gift I need, you sweet thing.

And now you get to go back to the beginning of the boss fight (John) or the beginning of the entire stage (Rad). But if you choose No...

Magic John
Totally Rad
Yeah, blow it out your bifurcated moustache.

What a shame. Better luck next time!

Look at me, look at you.  Who needs the exercise?
geemu oobaa WOW!  YOU LOSE!

What this doesn't show you is this weird bug (at least, I hope it's a bug) right here in Totally Rad where Zeb just keeps endlessly wiggling his big fish lips and blinking at you after "GAME OVER" appears. It's horribly unsettling. This also happens on the "WANT ANOTHER CHANCE?" screen, and it shows up nowhere in Magic John, so maybe some control codes or something got left out of Rad during the text change. Or maybe the localizers just shared my sense of weird.

Our heroes return and kick some dark emperor butt! What will become of them?

on to the thrilling two-part conclusion!