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Magic John
Totally Rad
There is blood on my hands!  My devil-may-care worldview has been shattered!

Master Pong! an anagram for Earth Bound Zero!  Whee!

Who were those guys?

T-shirt candidate, #2.
I would've given the game a dollar to stay like this the whole time. I AM QUEEBOR!  RAR!
'Me?  Why, I'm right here.' (cue laugh track)

Ah!... Where's Yuu?

Sliding down your eyebrows, perhaps?

We get to see John/Jake's Mad Face. Yeah, eat it, dweebazoids! Buttheads! Dorki maximi!

Magic John
Totally Rad
But John was busy watching the pretty clouds.

John! Help me!

Oh, my gawd!  Like, totally!
Aggravated assault is like such a BUMMER!  For sure!

I love this one.

Magic John
Totally Rad
Fools rush in...

Did they go in there?

...clowns rush out?

Again, the scriptwriter diligently injects whatever slang he or she can.

Inside the tent one finds boppy circus music and bosses that look like this:

Obviously, this was already Radical and needed no further improvement.

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