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Magic John
Totally Rad
The Scarlet-ish Letter

He told me to give you this...

Wow, Allison, you really push the envelope.
Really?  I like my John medium rare.

Well done, John.

Thanks, Zeb.  You've been least excellent, but I still love you.
Yes, and it relieves us no end.

But you know now that I am not human.

You know that I am slick and subversive.  Too hot for Top 40!
You sure they want you?

Now that Edogy has been destroyed, I shall return with them to our country. the FUTURE!
Yeah, yeah, Pong, we know all about your 'special' apprentices.

You've been a very special apprentice to me. If anything happens, I'll fly right there.

But Zeb's always in his own world.

Until then, farewell!

So I've been, um, thoroughly mediocre?  Up yours too, buddy.
How casually flip!  This Pong character truly has his finger on my modern young pulse!
Farewell, spectre of nightmares.

Ah, Zeb, you sweet-hearted old ugly underground dude, you...

Magic John
Totally Rad
Way to vanquish your sensei, John.

Master Pong...

Totally Sad
Yuu spoils ANOTHER Moment.


There's a Zeb 2?!  ...Oh.
Is it the Stop-looking-like-a-pud spell?

I learned a little bit of magic from Master Pong!

Yuu craftily sets up a sneak Hadouken.

I so wanted to help you out,

...but my artist suddenly dumped this brood-worm on my head...
That's okay, just do that thing where your bow changes to pink and stuff.

but this is all I can do so far...

Oh, I see, and studied flowers?
And you learned about flowers there?  What?

And here the scriptwriter craftily brings back his or her old joke from an earlier scene, lending the entire work a more cohesive overall structure...or maybe not. Either way, it's fine and all to have your joke, but the flowers kinda lose their context in the new version.

Magic John
Totally Rad
You seem very negative today.


Quite serene.  Placid, even.
Yuu's boyfriends all grow very practiced at this sort of patronizing.

that's great!

Words to live by!

Jake's just an easygoing kind of dude.

Magic John
Totally Rad
Teach me that one where Edogy kicks your butt and you die like a weenie.

I want to practice more, so teach me some magic, won't you?

Practice what?  Banjo?  Medicine?  Bisexuality?  Help us out here, Allison.
I think this is one of those Does-this-dress-make-me-look-fat questions.

I hope that's okay...

No, but I'll school you.

All right! Let's do it together!

Say again?  I was having a gnarly zone-out.
Bad idea.  You think that man ever washes his feet?

Next time we see Master Pong, we'll knock his socks off!

Oh, right, so YOU get to hog all the magic.  Thanks a ton, creep.
Yuu's forgotten what the conversation was about, as usual.


Right, 'cause practice outside of class is for wussy wusses.
I had to look this one up.
C'mon, let's go watch the smogset.

For after all, Jake and Allison are righteous dudes, and they have dudical responsibilities that they dare not shirk. Meanwhile, John and Yuu are utter dorks and need all the help they can get. And thus balance is restored.

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