This page contains the updates from 2015 (site's founding) through 2018.

I'll never be able to make up for the long, long time between the last update pattern, so let's go over exactly what has changed.

* One of the things I wanted to do the site was a total restructuring that I had been toying with since 2017. This will materialize in the fact that the "Games List" is being killed, with whatever leftover writing I had to be integrated into Features at a later time. There were problems with it, I had to not only create thumbnails, fill out the info boxes, and collect pictures, but there was a serious divide between games that I had just merely played and the games I had a strong emotional connection to, and everything in between. For this reason, I felt I would never be able to accurately write a good review on things like Final Fantasy VII, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (and to a lesser extent Oracle of Ages), SimCity 2000, or any of the mainstream Pokémon games, because of those connections that can never be accurately transmitted to simple HTML. At other times I felt like I was scripting an unproduced YouTube series (where they might have performed better, but that's still a crapshoot, given that I don't like the way my voice sounds), they were no longer satisfying to write, the backlog was growing too big to reasonably create entries on everything (it was started in a time when I had neither the resources or the time to play actual video games) and I also felt wary that what games I played might reflect negatively on me. For example, I considered writing a Hotline Miami review, seeing how much time I put into it, but when it came to writing anything all I could think of was a pun involving the song "Rooster" by Alice in Chains, and didn't want to describe the violence, which I couldn't describe with enough good taste to be on this website. The Games List was not going to work in the long run, but that being said, a few of the problem entries were fixed, including Glider PRO. Note that it laments about the lack of a Universal binary and is unplayable on modern machines, though since writing the original back in 2014 Glider PRO has gone open source so perhaps a Glider PRO without mucking around in Mac OS emulators is perhaps a possibility (although the House Editor unfortunately never made it to the Mac OS X version, which appears to be the version that is up). Additionally, Yoot Tower's page was updated somewhat to allow for the promised "Liberty Manual", and WingNuts: Temporal Navigator had its screenshot fixed. I wanted to find another screenshot to use, but there are no full-resolution screenshots of that game on the Internet! The other remaining entries that hadn't gotten CSS entries, like Portal, Spectre, Pac-Man 2, and SimFarm all had their links removed, officially clearing the list of the non-CSS entries, and preparing for the discontinuation of the Games Index in Carbon-izer 24.
* There have been two new features, neither of which I was originally planning to put up. I had actually wanted to do something on H-E-B Pantry Foods, but I instead contributed to what I would've done to Houston Historic Retail which had more resources on it. So two new (very vaguely connected) features were created, one on AstroWorld and the other just how big the former Southwestern Bell (now AT&T) is. Additionally, the page on Rattlers' has been updated slightly to account for other changes. The thumbnail for "New Updates" is from the AstroWorld page. Both pages can be seen in the Features section.
* The City Directory page has been updated again, with every page (except "University Drive East") getting updates, and the Crosstimbers page being all-new.
* Unfortunately, the World of Albertsons has been discontinued for the time being. A lot of that was due to the heavy overlap with other websites. We'll be working closely with those "other websites" instead. Next update, it and the Games Index will appear in an "Old Stuff" list.
* Speaking of future entries to "Old Stuff", the Steam Banners page has two new entries, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge and Eric's Ultimate Solitaire. Neither will get a review (well, maybe Eric's Ultimate Solitaire will in a little feature I have planned in the future) in the Games Index.
* The Former Fast Food List has been renamed to Former Chain Restaurants. Little has gone on here except some new entries, updates to formatting, and four new additions entirely: Bojangles', Pollo Tropical, Two Pesos, and Texas Land & Cattle Company. I regret having to add Pollo Tropical to the list, especially considering that they closed ALL LOCATIONS IN TEXAS. The link is here, as always.
* The External Links has been renamed as "Inside & Outside Carbon-izer", serving as an "About Me" page.

NOVEMBER 26 2017
Apologies for taking a stupidly long amount of time to fix the website. Part of the problem is my laziness and wanting to do other things (forums, streaming, games!), part of the problem is/was my job, part of the problem was all the disparate projects that I have, and I did move during this time. There was also an attempt to create a full "file archive" that unfortunately never got off the ground. These "disparate projects" are why the updates tend to drag on. Let's look at them.

* There are two brand-new Features that have been added. The first is on Rattlers, a partially-defunct local convenience store chain, and one on the Galleria in Houston. Additionally, the Auchan page was updated as well.
* The Retail Index was officially removed as part of a planned revamp that will integrate most of it with Features. This also means that the slightly-modified Kmart page I had planned to do is off the table as well. The old page can be found here. As a replacement, The World of Albertsons gets top billing in the main page, though it hasn't been moved yet from its old page. There are minor fixes involving the Albertsons San Antonio page. If you saw the old page you'd know what I mean. The Albertsons Houston also received an update involving Gulf Coast stores (Mississippi added, more details on stores in Louisiana) and the stores Kroger purchased, as well as referring to the merger of the division. Great Plains was also added. Like with the original San Antonio page, the page is very incomplete. The Randalls page was also updated as part of this.
* A number of changes were made to the City Directories. One of these was Circle K NOT closing in December 1990 in West, Texas, I don't know where I got the idea for that but I think I misread something in the newspapers. Other additions were made across all sections and errors fixed.
* Steam Banners has been updated, and the new thumbnail is not the only thing that's different. There are FOUR new entries, but the others have changed, namely Déjà Vu (hated it, so it was gone), Iron Snout (not necessary anymore so it's gone), and The Fool's Errand (the old one was wrong by one row of pixels).
* Speaking of featured updates, the thumbnail is now fixed. It used to be a Dropbox file literally called "changingupdate.png" that I swapped out with a new 100x100 png every update and just changed the name of. Most of the new updates were the same thumbnail seen on the site, including (most recently) Retro City Rampage but included Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, SimTower, Lemmings, and even the special feature for the Lexington (starring a crawfish) but there were a few others. The end of Dropbox Public Folder means I'll have to physically update the Index every time even there's no changes, but that's okay. The thumbnail for this round is Tadpole Treble, which was in the index. I know The Galleria is probably more interesting, but I liked the thumbnail so I chose it.
* Besides fixing Pokémon Pinball, it's Carbon-izer 22 so in the Games Index there's 2 nostalgic classics, 2 more recent games, and 2 CSS upgrades. That leaves 2 and (1 divided by) 2 sets of 2 games to be CSS'd. So, in normal terms, we'll be inducting Yoot Tower, WingNuts: Temporal Navigator, Prison Architect, and Tadpole Treble to the reviews, AND upgrading Super Metroid and Mario Paint. Note that the Prison Architect page does not mention the Psych Ward DLC at all, it was released after I had already written it, and besides, it has yet to be released on PC (if ever?!). I also made a minor fix to Retro City Rampage which is embarrassing considering it was the featured update last time. Additionally, Batman: Arkham Asylum has box art added, and Mario Paint has a new thumbnail.
* Finally, some updates to the fast food list were made (as usual).

MARCH 6 2017
Wow, has it been five months? Incredible. So sorry that I've been neglecting the site! OK, here's some of the stuff that's new for "Carbon-izer 21":
* The "Features" section is now moved front and center, to what it was. That being said, nothing has been added to it yet. The 290 page, like the actual highway, can be seen under reconstruction at Blogspot. The next update coming hopefully VERY soon (like hopefully next month) will include some old Dropbox Public items that will be locked out when Dropbox drops support for the Public folder (grr).
* The San Antonio Division Albertsons list has been updated to what I can find, and it looks much nicer now instead of some slap-dash job where I copied the Houston page. In fact, if I did even upload the original San Antonio page, it wasn't even linked in the Albertsons page. That's how bad it was. Speaking of which, this and other areas were improved from the relatively slap-dash appearance of the last update. Additionally, the Houston Division page was updated. The Randalls page similarly received an update (more substantial than previous).
* The Final Fantasy VI review has been updated to the current standards, becoming the first "CSS remaster" in a long time (only seven remain, not including two reviews I disabled until I can rewrite them). The review is updated slightly to account for the Steam version and fixing an unfixed error where it was originally conceived as a "triple feature" with EarthBound and Chrono Trigger. This means the old "Real Review" page has been removed, so existing links won't work. Additionally, a few of the lingering errors in the existing pages were fixed, including Grim Fandango's incorrect release date (it was copied from another template, I know it wasn't released in 2000). Finally, three new entries were added: Home, Batman Arkham Asylum and Retro City Rampage (this is the "featured update"). Pokémon Pinball turned out to have been incorrectly translated to CSS, it will be fixed in the next update, and was dummied out from the list.
* The City Directories page has been updated again with new information on all pages as well as new photos and fixed errors. This is still my favorite part of the site, I think it's way cool! Unfortunately, on the Texas Avenue page, Bryan was cut out, though I intend to bring it back in the future as its own page.
* I've added a new little feature, "Steam Banners". This is separate from the main Games page. Check it out on the main page!
* The former fast foods page has been updated again with a few new entries and I believe even a few logos!
* The External Links got that thumbnail update I promised, though there's still so much I want to do, open the "Building Gallery", repair the Post Oak Mall page, add more related scans, and all that.

OCTOBER 6 2016
I was actually set to update this about a month ago, but then my MacBook appeared to die permanently and I just didn't feel like it. It's not like I wasn't already struggling with symptons of depression.

Basically, what I've done is try to slap together stuff I've already done that's just sitting there and not worry about it anymore. A few of the things I didn't was update the external links thread in the same 100x100 thumbnail design the rest of the site has. Or open the "Building Gallery" like I said I was or add any new Features. I did at least update the blog with a few new entries. Alright, so what do we got? Well, we have a new page on Albertsons that includes not only the 2700 index but also a link to the new Randalls store list, an update to the Former Restaurants List, that's always fun, City Directories has been updated with Houston entries (and some updated Bryan-College Station ones!).

The Games Index has been updated too. The new entries include SimTower, Grim Fandango, and Five Nights at Freddy's. I removed the "Stats" page from the page itself because it was hard to maintain, and doing calculations showed it wouldn't go far from the 1990s anyway based on predictions.

JUNE 7 2016
* It's been a really long time since I updated the website, but I'm not dead, I'm just really busy. So I updated the Northwest Freeway page (the update page doesn't line up with today's date due to me not putting it up) but I never got it to the full "update" I promised, especially since new things are being added or changed and I can't get on the highway enough to document everything. So it still feels very half-baked, and I plan to do something ELSE to it to change that. There's at least two new hotels and a Rooms to Go, and yet I can't do everything. 290 just doesn't mean the same thing to me like it used to, and it's just harder and harder to write about it, especially trying to integrate addresses and addresses from old directories (like a tennis center I have no idea where it went). I had other ideas for the site as well, like a Northwest Freeway-like look at the Katy Freeway, the Building Gallery, and several new Games articles, but those were canned to a lack of time or interest. Right now my housing and job situations are not going well. Worse is I need to get my credit card changed regarding this very website or this website will CEASE TO EXIST.
* Two new Games articles have been added, including Hammerfall and Back to the Future: The Game. The latter is the Featured Update.
* A few tiny updates to the Fast Food list were made.
* Finally, the "Albertsons in Houston" page has gotten an overhaul. It's still not 100% complete as far as zip codes, dates, and shopping centers go but I've made some corrections and additions. One of these is #2737 where I had incorrectly reported the Albertsons became a former Rainbow. That was actually a Kroger turned Rainbow. The former (now vacant) Albertsons was right next to it; it was an old Kmart.
* The Index page has been updated to say that updates will no longer be monthly, which is a shame since I do like this site. No, donations aren't the solution since this site doesn't nearly pull in the volume to make that at all a worthwhile venture.

MARCH 7 2016
* Sorry for less updates overall. The new stuff in the games list (not including fixes for some existing games) includes Braid and Plants vs. Zombies. The "non-CSS list" is getting smaller and smaller, with the only "fixed" title being The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, if only to explain the unusually coarse writing. Part of the problem was that in the race to convert things to CSS, mistakes were often made, which is why I had fix Blobbo and SimAnt AGAIN. Additionally, there were updates done to SimCity 4 and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.
* The Northwest Freeway page is still undergoing an overhaul, so I decided to revert it to the January version with some corrections made (but no updates/additions).
* Tiny updates and/or fixes to the former fast food list, the City Directory page, and a few other pages. The Albertsons 2700 page did get a new addition with a new find.
* Finally, the featured update is The Greatest Hypermarket I Never Knew. Yes, I know I posted this all on Sunday but usually I make corrections on Monday.

* The Games List is back to its original appearance with many games listed. Everything is returned to its original status, because I thought removing all of them not yet "CSS'd" was a bit much (with two exceptions). New CSS entries include SimAnt (the original entry was very "buggy" before), Eric the Unready, Blobbo, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and new titles include Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, which is the new featured update (I planned to add SimTower, but ran out of time/inspiration).
* Northwest Freeway's page got updated with new photos and ANOTHER format upgrade (partially). Here we solve a mystery that's been bugging me for a while. As usual, these updates may be not fully complete and may get slight updates by Monday. Finally, I am officially changing updates to be every month instead of every two weeks. This should allow me to get a bunch of content in (in theory, no guarantees) instead of scrambling for artificial deadlines. In the meantime, I plan to make more blog updates. Take care!

JANUARY 24 2016
* Our "Featured Update" is, of course, THIS WEBSITE! Because almost everything was updated! First with the Games List...I decided to remove the non-CSS pages (except Blobbo) but added some new ones. SimCity 4 got its new links, and Pokémon Pinball and The Shivah got CSS upgrades. New titles include Bubble Trouble, Space Junkie, and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars all were added. I know, the list is smaller, but that will make it more interesting when I add more, eh? Plus, the list isn't gone and is quite easy to find and read your favorite temporarily removed reviews. You just have to know where to look.
* The Rad Project got a minor fix. Interestingly, trying to access the archived site now turns up a robots.txt.
* The Directory got updates both minor and historic under University Drive (mainly) plus University Drive East and Texas. Additionally, it got a new title!
* The Fast Food List was updated. I added everything I could find in Temple plus a few more things here and there (also, the Chili's page is up).
* Northwest Freeway's page got updated with new photos and a format upgrade. There were a few more things I wanted to add at the last minute but ultimately decided against it.
* Extensive update on the 2700-series Albertsons stores.
* Zachry is now just one step closer to being complete with the addition of a few new photos and a "video pack". Check it out here.
* I wanted to add something else, the Katy Freeway Demolitions page, but...I don't know. It was supposed to be a list with some pictures like Northwest Freeway's was, but it just wasn't very fun as I was building it. It might be more fun to make it similar to Northwest Freeway page but I lack the last 2-3 years of information AND all the memories before it, so even then it won't be nearly as interesting (I think) to me. The Building Gallery was cut at the last minute but I needed something to fill out the rest so I added an old PDF I had to the mall directories page as well as giving that page a slight facelift.
* I made this Update page green.

DECEMBER 13 2015
* So sorry skipping the last update. I doubt anyone cared. Like in recent updates, restaurant list is updated, the Kmart list is updated, and the new Featured Update is going to be VVVVVV's addition to the Games List.
* Additionally, the "City Directory" page was updated.
* It's not just VVVVVV that's new, there's also DOOM that's new, and FOUR games have been CSS'd: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Pokémon Trading Card Game, Milestones 2000, and New Super Mario Bros., once the oldest unupdated file in the archives.
* Mirrored "The Rad Project", seen at Carbon-izer.com here. NEVER AGAIN, I TELLS YOU! Part of the reason why content has been limited/delayed is a variety of factors, including work (part time), Netflix, and some failed additions.

NOVEMBER 15 2015
* FINALLY! Northwest Freeway's page receives a pretty big update WITH PHOTOS! This, of course, is the Featured Update.
* The Commons Companion has been updated with the photos I've been meaning to add.
* As usual, small updates were made to the restaurant list, adding Houston's first new Krispy Kreme (yay) and other things. Otherwise, not much has been added. Blame Netflix, and a few other projects I started but aborted.

* CSS updates include Donkey Kong Country 2 and Beneath a Steel Sky, as well as an all-new entry: Lemmings (the featured update).
* Fixed a long-broken link to the Shops at Prudential Center map. See the the Mall Directories page for more information.
* Added some locations to the Kmart list, involving new entries with the new tables.
* As usual, small updates were made to the restaurant list, adding Captain D's and making other some additions/corrections.
* Finally pushed myself to make an update to the continuing growth of the Post Oak Mall page. Because of a rather unfortunate incident in the mall a few months ago involving a rather aggressive security guard and the overall depth of this project, I succumbed to burnout in this section, one of the reasons I haven't touched this section in months.

OCTOBER 18 2015
* CSS updates include Façade, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, as well as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past which was STILL broken (I also made a quick fix to Quarterstaff, too). A dedicated page was made for Yoshi's Island DS as well, though the real content is in the Yoshi's Island review.
* Big update made in the addition of a new features page, the U.S.S. Lexington (the featured update).
* Added some locations to the Kmart list, but new entries with the new tables. Additionally, changes were made to the AppleTree list (however slight).
* Updates to the Northwest Freeway page. Sorry, no new photos.
* Once again, small updates were made to the restaurant list, adding Gallagher's Restaurant & Pub and making other some additions/corrections. Apologies for not adding more, there were numerous other projects in the works, including long-awaited updates to Commons Companion, Zachry, Post Oak Mall, and a few others.

OCTOBER 4 2015
* Small updates include a CSS upgrade to EarthBound, minor updates/corrections to the Former Fast Food List, and the same to Roads of Bryan-College Station. Nothing else has been added, unfortunately. EarthBound is the featured update.
* Well, all that and a change of thumbnails for the SimCity 4 entry. I just didn't like how the old one turned out.

* Added Machinarium and for the first time, SimCity 4. The latter is the longest, most-image filled review I've written yet. However, it will also mark a temporary end to new reviews to focus on bringing older reviews to code or focusing on other parts of the site. SimCity 4 is the featured update.
* Updated The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and Bachman. The former had been commented out since late July.
* Updates to the Northwest Freeway page again.
* Created, officially, the Mall Directories section with two completely new additions.
* A small update to the Roads of Bryan-College Station. I plan to integrate the "Roads of the Brazos Valley" section into this eventually.

* The city directory page has received a revamp, with back pages, some photos, and a Texas Avenue page with a representative from every block in College Station.
* The genesis of what I hope what will be a great section in the future, Mall Directories, was added. Unfortunately, all it is a link to an old blog of mine and a promise of more.
* A small update to the Northwest Freeway page.
* Upgraded the The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past page to CSS, as well as making minor edits and long overdue fixes. It is the featured update.
* Tiny updates to the restaurant list, like as in adding a few backlinks and an update to a Dairy Queen.

AUGUST 30 2015
* The most exciting thing is an all-new section to Carbon-izer, the Roads of Bryan-College Station section!
* Added The Adventures of Willy Beamish and updated TeenAgent, this time the theme being "lesser graphic adventure games".
* Additionally, Donkey Kong Country received a CSS update.
* Continued work at the Former Fast Food List, which includes more of KFC, a few other entries here and there, and the addition of a list for Schlotzsky's Deli.
* Added an external links page for the first time.
* Added a page on the 2700-series Albertsons stores, which is the featured update.
* Added a counter to the site for the first time.

AUGUST 19 2015
* Added Quarterstaff: The Tomb of Setmoth and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. OOS is the featured update.
* Updated E.V.O.: Search for Eden again, and upgraded Osmos to CSS. Future CSS "upgrades" will appear in conjunction with a similar-themed new title. For example, I'll update Portal when I add The Lost Vikings because they're both puzzle platformers. Of the 28 un-CSS'd pages, 13 have planned "companions" that will be all new.
* Began to update AppleTree list, which is being transformed into the "Safeway Houston Division" list.
* Some work in the Former Fast Food List, which includes more of Arby's, a few other entries here and there, and the addition of a list for Schlotzsky's Deli.
* The Kmart list at the Retail section has been updated slightly.
* Added this update page officially to the site. Note that emergency updates following big updates will not be covered. Old updates as posted on the blog will be retroactively added.

JULY 29 2015
* New thumb for DKC3 and fixed HTML for index_games.html

JULY 27 2015
* Added Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
* Removed The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for repairs
* Small updates and Game Info tag to Donkey Kong Country 3
* Re-did E.V.O.: Search for Eden in CSS.
* Fixed the picture link to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

JULY 24 2015
* Updated the Games List with just one new entry, but it's in a new CSS format that will replace the rest of the entries. (Yes, the new entry is another Zelda game, I'm sorry). Other changes have been made as well.
* Updated the Fast Food List, with updates for McDonald's, plus new pages for Del Taco and Outback Steakhouse. Minor updates have been made for others.
* The Northwest Freeway page has received minor updates.
* The Galleria page (under "Retail") has a new page, previously published on this blog.

JULY 1 2015
* Updated Pokémon Pinball with new link colors and other internal files, plus added four new titles, all of them Zelda games starring "Toon Link" (Spirit Tracks, The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass), plus SimAnt. With the myriad of slight format updates, however, and an ever-increasing list of titles, next update will roll out a CSS page.
* The growing Retail page includes the start of the new Galleria page and continuing growth of the Post Oak Mall page.
* I have added Golden Corral for the first time to the former restaurants list, which meant I had to read at least half a dozen pages of stomach-churning reviews. Also added was a Texadelphia page and the starter TCBY page (there's a lot more former ones hiding out there). Additionally, the McDonald's page has received new entries (a TON of them, including starting Dallas...all in all, about 18 all-new entries). Other minor issues with formatting and minor updates were fixed. I've started to add "Back" buttons, which they've sorely needed. Not all of the entries do, however.
* The Zachry page and Roads of the Brazos Valley, found in the Features page, have received minor updates.

JUNE 14 2015
Carbon-izer.com has updated again, this time WITHOUT a major update to the Northwest Freeway page. Not even the Games got a significant update.
- The biggest new change is an updated framework with new retail page and content page. Frontlining that is a new page on Post Oak Mall.
- The fast food list has been updated. To differentiate from the Michigan list it was inspired off of, the Index of said page has received a new font. A few emergency formatting changes were made (particularly in Long John Silver's), with some new additions (Godfather's Pizza, Mr. Gatti's, Krispy Kreme). Of course, formatting issues still plague the list.
- The Games List has been updated with one new game (Osmos, a short review, and yes, I had it written for a while, just was meant to be combined with others, and no, I'm not phoning it in) with some minor fixes done to Zelda III, Blobbo, EVO, and Milestones 2000. All five plus the Index have been updated with a new visited link color (orange is going away), plus I've started to make the thumbnails clickable to the reviews. There's about 20-odd titles with orange links and non-clickable thumbnails, but expect that to change soon. There's also one early review with the old purple text I got from |tsr's nes archive. Can you guess which one it is?
- The Zachry page has been updated again, though no new videos. To note, there was an error in the previous version where in an effort to add several photos, I forgot the links. Sure, the photos were are there, and you could've just altered the URLs to see the images, but I don't want you to do that, see?

Future updates will focus on the Games list again plus some other stuff that wasn't part of this round (and no, this time, the Northwest Freeway page will not steal the show).

MAY 28 2015
This mostly concerns the Former Fast Food index, but also includes a new title for the Games Index, an obscure Apple IIGS title called Milestones 2000.

MAY 22 2015
Carbon-izer.com has been updated for the first "true" time since its induction. Here's what's new in this round:

- The AppleTree list has been updated with new store numbers (and a few new entries!) courtesy of an old phone book. Further updates to this are coming soon.
- The Games Index has been revised with a new index format and four new entries: Mario Kart 64, Blobbo, E.V.O.: Search for Eden, and EarthBound. To make this entry in a timely manner, corners were cut, and thus, not all of the entries have thumbnails (the newest entries do have thumbnails). In addition, a few broken links and other errors within that section of the site have been fixed.
- The Zachry page has been updated. Part of the reason was a lot of photos and videos were messed up in uploading. Good thing they were still on the iPhone.
- The Former Fast Foods list has received minimal updates in certain entries to fix HTML errors.
- The Northwest Freeway page has been updated. See that page specifically for what's new.
- Because the Blobbo FAQ has been inducted into a new entry of its own, it no longer has a main page link.
- Kmart link fixed.

I know I didn't hit everything I wanted to do in this update, which is why next update I'll take a break from Northwest Freeway and focus more on the other pages. Games will still be added, but only maybe two or three this time.

APRIL 20 2015
Carbon-izer.com officially opens as proclaimed by a post (now removed) on the blog. This follows struggle trying to get everything working and a slap-dash creation of content. By this point, Northwest Freeway, the Games List, the AppleTree list, Former Fast Foods, Kmart, and a few others had been added by this point.